Another Challenging One

Hey ya’ll!!

Wow, we have a doozy tomorrow. Ck out the pics below. Chevron just put up a 300,000 square foot facility with about 2800 windows in it. I left a call to the Facilities Manager about 9 months ago as they were building it. Well they called me out and asked for a proposal. If you notice in the pictures, there is what is called a Leeds awning over the window and another window on top of it. This is the first Leeds Building in La. and according to the Chevron, many more are to follow. This is a “Green Building”, the awning acts as a reflector to the sun and moves the heat back into the building, thereby lowering their heating cost’s. All good and well right? Except of course if you have to clean these windows. :slight_smile:

As I’ve stated on this forum before, my company doesn’t hang, (and I have no intention of doing this, I like my feet on the ground!!) The way they have their landscaping set up, with Ponds and so forth, they don’t want you to use a lift, so I had to figure something out.

They asked me how I was going to clean it without hanging, so I opened up my I-Phone and showed them many Pics of my company and the jobs we have completed using WFP. The problem of course is those awnings, (About 1400 windows have awnings and about 1400 don’t have them). The only thing I could figure is a longer gooseneck. I called Tucker and had them make me a 48inch long gooseneck, ( I ordered a few of them).

They wanted one wall of glass done to start out, (about 350 windows, all with awnings) and to see if my method would work. I told them I would go out and clean that wall, and if the glass is not exceptional, they dont owe me a dime!! But, if it all looks great, I want a contract for the whole Building. They said fine and actually sent me out a contract that we signed.

We’ll be doing this tomorrow, so I’ll let you guy’s know how it all turns out. They said that this mode of building is taking off in quite a few places across the country, so I’d better figure out a way to do it right the first time, as more Buildings in my Parish are already Building this way.

I’ll ck in tomorrow night with the results, that is of course if my arms can still lift up far enough to type. I’m using a 55ft Tucker and that
sucker is Heavy!!! :eek:


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I wonder if these awnings could bear enough weight that you could stand on them? Then maybe you could climb out a window onto an awning, wear a regular rock climing harness and tie/clip into the awning close to the building. You could have a ground helper. Drop a line to haul a wfp or bring a bucket and squeegee out the window with you. You could also haul up 2, 2inch by 12 inch 4ft. pieces of lumber. Use these as a platform to stand on on the awnings. You could also use these to create a bridge from the end of one awning to the next. Never done this type of thing before, that is outside of the years I spent building and running ropes courses and indoor climbing facilities and rock climbing. It’s just what comes to mind when I look at the pics. It all depends on the awnings being weight bearing. If you can’t get out a window, you could use a big ladder for first access and exit at the far end of a line of awnings.


Great Info, unfortunately these windows don’t open and the 4 story section is at about 55feet, so cant find a ladder big enough, and I dont think Chevron would let me go out on a ladder that big. They sent me a 30 page contract just to do the one wall, and about half of it was about safety.

I’ll find out if my idea is good, or we are working for free tomorrow :slight_smile:


Good luck Charlie!

I hope it goes well for you.

Good luck and I cannot wait to see how it goes.

I’m excited for you, hope all goes great!

Hope it works out my friend!

ok this is a long shot but I am just throwing it out there. when all else fails put one guy on the roof and one on the ground with the pole. tie a rope to the top of the pole and have the dude up top help hold the weight and position the pole. place the pole in between the awning and the building? from the pics it looks like you may have enough space. it may be a bad idea but sometimes bad ideas lead to the really good ideas. have fun and good lick with it.

Hey Charlie, ive actually seen somebody WFP some windows the way you are describing them. One guy on the roof with the pole, on guy on the ground w/ a rope guiding. I think its doable. Good luck with that account man!

This was a genius moment. Brilliant strategy.

2nd pic: If you can get on the roof the top row of windows can be cleaned top down. You may need a harness.
The second row down top windows can be reached by standing well back as same as the bottom row.

Good luck.

Good luck Charlie! Looks like its going to be a tough one.

Chris, truer words have never been spoken!! We started and finished the job on Wednesday, me and 3 of my guy’s, another one of my guy’s was gonna come, but he called in sick, (I think he was scared :p)

When we were done all I could say was WHEW!!! My back is still sore. But the good news is it’s done, and baby I got a great contract!! Two of the big wheels came out while we were doing it and said not only did the glass look great but the way we were doing it was fantastic. (as I was poling they were talking to each other and one of them told the other, man this is impressive).

Anyway here is the update. I got a 55ft Tucker Pole put a 48inch gooseneck on it and raised it up to about 45feet. When we put it up there, it was like a strand of spaghetti, for the first 2 minutes or so, I was defeated, I knew that this wasn’t going to work, and I was not going to get this contract. I’m usually very optimistic about everything, but when I tried to stroke it, it just wouldn’t work. My 2 top guy’s saw my face, and said “figure it out”!! This shook me back to reality, I had to figure this out, it was just taking dirt off of glass, right.

I leaned the pole up against the glass, looked over the situation, and thought, this is too wobbly to stroke so what can I do. I picked up the pole, put the Butt end on the ground with my foot on top of it, put the brush on the glass above the awning, and did not raise the pole, but I pushed it in and then pulled it out, and the pole was so flexible, that the brush went up and down the glass, and cleaned it!!! I was like, Yea Man!!

This worked great for every 3 panes, and then you had about an 8 inch vertical ledge that you had to pick up the pole and put over it to get to the next pane. This was the biggest hassle of all, it took a tremendous amount of effort to get this to happen, (I guess you had to be there), but then when I got to the next piece I had to push and pull again. This was how I did the 3rd story above the awning, (one of my guy’s was working behing me doing the 3rd story glass below the awning with another WFP.

When we finished the 3rd story, one of my guy’s (Erik) who is very creative, asked if he could take a 42inck gooseneck and bend the angle up another 3 inches, he said he thought it would be easier. I said go for it. By doing this, and also lowering the pole down to the second story, the second story went incredibly easier, (the pole was shorter, so it was stiffer, and it was like regular water fed poling). We also put up my 40ft Sorbo Monster Pole and figured how we would do it next time on the 3 story level, we would use this with a doodle bug pad holder on it and convert this to a WFP, and go in between the awning and glass. So that is how we will do it the next time. We are working on something similiar for the 4 story section. Sorry too make such a long post. But I wanted ya’ll to know what happened.

The great thing is I have the contract to do the entire facility twice a year, and the glass wall we just did 4 times a year! They have already asked me to possibly do a 3 and 5 story building at a Facility they have about 2 hours from me, and also will want a price to Pressure Wash the flat work in their 4 story Parking Garage.

Ck out the pics below, this was on the 2 story section, you can see the long gooseneck at the top of the pole.

Thanks all!!! :slight_smile:


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Well done Charlie! Congratulations on landing the gig. :wink:

Way to go big guy!

Glad to hear it worked out for you.

So glad you figured it out - good stuff.

Glad to hear you conquered to task at hand.
Just two quik comments…
Coming from a guy who has never used wfp’s so bare with me.

  1. Could a man lift been used on the building?
  2. If the awnings were able to hold the weight of a normal sized person, couldn’t a window cleaner drop from the roof, disconnect and walk across the awning (w/lanyard of course) and repeat on each story and have the other guys follow along cleaning the windows below the awnings?

From initial post:

dude, that’s awesome!!!

crap, thats what i get for not reading everything =(