Another Challenging One

Now I want a pole.

I am old fashioned. (squeegee and boab kinda guy)

I see such an untapped market for those size buildings in my area.

[SIZE=“6”]Congrats on the job![/SIZE]


If you’ve got a market, (some 3 and 4 story Buildings) get a pole and start bidding. Once you get it down, you’ll see a huge advantage in making more profit.


This is one of the best descriptions of an actual job I have ever heard…

I gave a 2 story job with the exact same awnings. I was frustrated by the job when I saw it for the first time. I gave the bid and they wanted it cheaper. It is tied to an account worth about $30,000.00 a year so I had to work with them on the price. Once I got the job it is easy to clean. You can clean the Pane above the awning with a pole by going in between the awning and the building. It’s a pretty flat angle but I works. It may be more difficult doing a third story that way. The building I do is a pretty high 2nd story and it works well.

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