Another Copy-Cat web developer

Web site marketing takes time to put together. I guess that’s why some guys take the lazy approach.

About 80% copy & Paste
[COLOR=“Blue”]My Site:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]My Competitor:[/COLOR]

Not so bad but still copying style.
[COLOR=“Blue”]My Site:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”]My Competitor:[/COLOR]

What are you going to do about it? Are you going to make him change his webiste?

Have you heard of this guy (these guys) Mike?

I don’t want to start a war with anyone but I’m sure I should send him an e-mail or something asking him to please make his site his own. I guess I’ll just try to be as diplomatic as I can and maybe just embarrass him enough into making the changes.

If he feels the need to rip someone off, why a worthless FAQs page?

I have had this done to me, only far worse…

Thats wrong! I have heard people duplicating from companies in different states and I thought that was bad. For this guy to do this in the same area? I would contact him and possibly someone designed it for him? If they dont cooperate then you could take legal action which would cost maybe $500. for the initial order and they usually dont pursue from there and make the changes. I had a same name problem in my service area and this was taken care of this way.

I sent him an e-mail, not angry or anything. More disappointed that he couldn’t draw on his own experience to form the necessary text. I’ll keep my eye on it.

I just think it’s sad that someone would be this lazy. If he’s this lazy with his web site, all us Toronto window cleaners have nothing to worry about.

So did he admit his shady action or did somebody create it for him?

By the way do you get many jobs from your site?

Haven’t had a response yet.

Regarding the ROI from my site. Lately I get about 2 estimate requests per week. Out of all E-quotes, I land around 70%. The site has been up for less than 6 months and I’m always tweaking it.

Even if someone else created it for him, it’s “shady” since he is using it to represent his company.

Ignorance is not bliss.

There are lots of copy-cat websites out there (including WC’ing.) I’ve seen many WC’ing websites where most pages are identical, including photos of residential and commercial customers (WC’ing companies are in different states!)

No I haven’t heard of him.

The odd thing is, is that I would think they would want to separate their company from all others. I mean this in [B]absolutely respectful[/B] way-

Why would they choose to copy a company who has not yet found big success? How do they know it is stuff that should be copied? How do they know it works?

It is a FAQs page, can’t they think of any questions potential customers may need answered? silly

Again Beautiful View, I hope you understand what I am saying.

In a word – lazy.

Don’t worry, I don’t take any offense. I kind of laughed myself seeing some one else copy some elements on my site that even I know I could have done better.

I’m constantly changing elements on my site and in 6 months from now it will probably look and read quite different. I just hope this joker doesn’t come along for the ride and continue to swipe. My site might not be perfect but it’s mine.

Funny thing I forgot to mention. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a new start up wc business in the US asking if they could use elements from my site.

I appreciated the proper request and simply told the individual to use what they liked as a guide but put it in their own words.

Mark, lets find him and kick his a**! lol

hehe. LOL If living well is the best revenge, then succeeding in business above and beyond this joker will be mine.

Someone a couple of years ago in my service area did this to me. He was literally only an hour away from me. He copied the whole damm site word for word. Extremely frustrating. He sill hasnt changed it all… I guess he just doesn’t care.

Weird thing is he charges $6 a regular window, we charge $14.

After going through all the trouble of copying us exactly you figure he would at least charge like us.


This guy has got a totally revamped website now. I guess the way I worded my e-mail to him worked.

Took long enough. But at least its done.