Another EDDM Question

So I have been getting some different information from some of the posts on here and from the Post Office website.

I known the carrier routes I want to target.
I have setup a account
I don’t know if I need some insignia on my post card or if I need to put Postal Customer on it or anything else. I want to get the post cards printed soon, but if I need these things I definitely want them to be printed on the post cards already.

You need an indicia (or whatever they call the postage paid box) and a standard blurb regarding “local residential customer”. PM me after you get this and I’ll send you the photoshop file of the EDDM postcard I did. You can pull the layer off of it and incorporate it into yours. I don’t have that computer with me so I can’t PM it to you right now. Plus, I’ll forget. So PM me and ask for it. I have the PDF version too. Just let me know which one you want.

Heres the tag for EDDM

This might help. Click Here

So I don’t need a specific number? I just make sure my postal information looks like the image. I make sure to fill out the paper work and show up at the post office with the postcards? (the number of postcards needed for the route, per mellissadata?)

Correct. However, make sure you print out all of the faceslips that you will need from the final step on the site.(E.g. if you sending a 1000 cards, you’ll need to bundle that in bundles of 50, which mean 20 bundles. Thus, 20 facing slips. On the facing slip, it says bundle # ___ of____. We found that is was way less confusing to the postperson to number those within the route those bundles were going to( So instead of 1 thru 20, it will be 1 thru 5 for c026 and 1 thru 3 for c027, etc… You will need all of the forms provided from the site, the one main one, one of the list of routes your mailing to within that zip, and an appropriate number of facing slips. I searched for the indica for you, but i can’t remember where we got it. It was just copied and pasted on to our flyer. So if you run across it, right click and save. It’s definitely on the usps site somewhere…

O, and make sure you put your CRID NUMBER on the main form. If you don’t know where to find this, go to you account info on and it will be there

I think I got it. It really is simple. There is a lot of conflicting information about the EDDM program on WCR. Thanks so much for the help.

I bundled mine in 100’s, less bundles that way. Also, I used the numbers off, not Melissa data

Is there a minimum required to be bundled?