Another Low Baller

Just was at craigslist in my area. here is the post…

probably some old guy…

Lol, I love this line:

“No One Beats Our Prices!”

I sure hope not!

a guy in my area was charging thsoe prices for 15 yrs without raising them…he went out of biz

I hope he can clean tracks better than he can spell them.

To be honest, I worry more about guys that charge similar to me or more before I would a low ball weekend warrior. :frowning:

IMO, there is a market for various services & various levels of services. I don’t aspire to work for those whom think slave wages are fair for window cleaners. :frowning:

That’s why things like equipment, knowledge, integrity and honesty mean something to the crowd most of us work for. :slight_smile:

In my area, that low ball guy is working in Cherry Hill and getting his ladders stolen as he works. :mad:

Just another cowboy! You know the type - no insurance, low quality, just a joke.

Yep. Sad that people will actually hire them though, then feel ripped and now have a bad idea about all window cleaners…

It is sad because as you say it reflects on all of us. It one reason I’d love to see some licensing. Not a useless license mind you but one that is enforced and carries heavy fines for not being licensed. Other trades are licensed even required to pass a test to get it. Why? To show they have at least a basic idea of how to do their job w/out harm to the public welfare. I know many don’t like the idea because they see it as more government control and tax but if it eliminates the cowboys (or at least penalizes them) I would welcome it.
As a side thought - many are members of the IWCA paying a minimum of $225 a year to belong for what? Professional appearance? Wouldn’t being a licensed wcer do much the same thing? And it probably wouldn’t cost as much.

that’s actually a good thought. I would like to see some enforcement, so keeping the serious people in and punks out.

On a side note:

Perhaps this guy is just starting out. Maybe he doesn’t know what his service is worth, or what it could be worth.

If he really poses a threat, even a small threat, to your business, maybe sitting downand talking with him for a few minutes would be helpful.

Then again, maybe he’s just a low baller.

HA thats insane Doug. Low balling at its finest

Barring the new Fish franchise that is in my area, and the unknown idiot that I found out about last week, I know each of the window cleaners in my area. I make it a point to meet them when I see them. I know three of them (there are only 5 or so legitimate businesses in my 120,000+ town, even less in the rural areas nearby) by first name and are close friends with two. I think that the old attage about knowing your friends well and your enemies better…certainly can be a help for this type of situation.

Most people realize unprofessionalism when it walks into the door. Unfortunately for us, some are still nieve and reluctant to dig for information when they contact someone. They will just open their doors and let them in, bad smells, no insurance, no uniforms and all!

I tell all of my clients, even if they don’t choose me, to at least find out about who they’re inviting in when they hire a window cleaner.

I smell fish. :slight_smile:

knocking Fish out of a job. Stinky fish needs to be thrown out!

I’m curious.

Why would someone buy into a franchised thing that costs a stupid amount of money when you could build your own and make it more successful. Sure they get some national accounts, but over all it seems silly to buy into a Fish franchise.
Could someone explain…

Here’s what one franchisee told me - they set up everything for him in the beginning. He described himself as not much of a go getter and was happy w/ their arrangement. He didn’t go into alot of detail but from my perspective it didn’t seem like they did that much for him. Could be wrong but I agree w/ you Matt!

yeah, I mean, why throw money away when all you got to do is park your flippin car and go talk to all the business in a near by plaza and get some business!
I’m not going to pay some franchise money to do that!!!
If he’s not much of a go getter, maybe he’s in the wrong business.
This is a servicing business, you are at the core of it, selling…

Sell yourself, your service and your business.

Well put Matt, well put!

Well, they got that color red going for them…