Another Low Baller

I recall reading the Squeegee Squad thingamajig. I saw one for sell on craigs list.

They reportedly set up $85K in route work before they sell it to you.

I do not recall the out of pocket expense nor the royalty fee…but it does give reason to re think.

yeah, that’s like buying another persons route.
The Fish thing is buying more then straight route work right? From the stuff I have been reading about them, they do set up some stuff, but you basically get a name and petty gear.

and yes, they got that red shirt going for them, so I can spot them better and take their account :slight_smile:

I have red shirts too, but i didnt pay 100k for them.

As for the low baller ad that i put up.

I was saying in another thread that over 3/4 of the window cleaning companies in my area are low ballers, so that makes it that much tougher to land new clients.

But as long as you do a good job you will always get the repeat business.

Yeah, I have a customer, a good one too, that told me recently that he has a friend that just bought a Fish Franchise. I am uncertain if it’s in my area or not. But when I asked if he was gonna have the new fish clean his windows, he politely and professionally stated that he was sure that he would continue to use I DO WINDOWS.

I thought that was quite indicative of what an outfit Fish really was.

On the other hand, and while playing the Devil’s Advocate, I think that for someone that has absolutely no experience in window cleaning, but has some business expertise, Fish might be able to provide a good starting point.

I would just warn those Fish types to look out for the rest of us. We might not have the deep pockets as a National Franchise, but we have the desire to take their accounts while they are looking at their pretty red shirts and admiring their fancy, non-personal invoices.

Just had my first Fish Franchise come into my area. I was walking out of the health club one morning, and he was walking in, I saw him, stopped and introduced myself and asked how it was going.

He looked at my shirt and said, “oh A-1 Window Washers, everyone I talk to are using you already” I told him I have been in this business in this town for 11 years and yes, I have a ton of accounts. He said it was going slow so far.

I told him "look, I know all of the other companies around here, and generally when I get to busy to handle all of my work I will give some to the companies that are stand up, do a good job and respect the working arrangement. I told him in fact I just gave one company I know $200.00 a month work of route, right there in the mall. Another one I just gave about $1500.00 worth of Residential last month. So I said if you do good work, play your card’s right and work with everyone aroud here, I dont mind sharing. He shook my hand and said that sounded great. That was 2 month’s ago, as of this date, he’s contacted about 30 of my route customer’s and offered to do their windows for 1/2 of whatever I am charging!! :mad:

So far only 2 of them took him up on his offer. One of my dealerships actually literally ran him out and said that’s not the way they do business. :cool:

I cant wait to run into him again and ask him how’s he doing.

Fish stinks!!


Amateur approach, assuming that all people want is a lower price.

I wonder if Fish would encourage that low-balling approach? Anyone know?

I am sure they do, its all a numbers game to these large corporations. being they only pay their employees like $9.00 per hour.

One of my large car dealerships ( approx. $700 a month ) was approached by Fish. Fish offered them free window cleaning for the year. After the year, they could drop em’ or keep em’ no questions asked.

Needless to say, the GM choose to stay with We Wash Windows. We’ve been cleaning their windows for 25 years or so anyhow.

Hey StarBrite,
Do all Socal window cleaners have the same logo or what? Your shirt looks really familiar.


Free window cleaning for a year. That’s crazy.

I am amazed that even a large company like Fish has the business intelligence of a peanut. Absolutely amazed.

I am equally, and increasingly tempted to get into this franchising game because of this seemingly universal truth.

I almost want to take on a protege in a random US market, and see how quickly I can build their business for them from scratch, for next to nothing.

I am truly shocked at the foolishness of this Fish company.

hire him. then fire him.

Just me and Mr.Window Cleaner.

we received that website and logos when we signed up for

best software on the market btw.

that sounds like every other FISH in the sea.

I just checked out that website. Interesting software. The video makes everything look easy. I use quickbooks. There is nothing quick about it.

Yepp, the software is da bomb

If I understand correctly, this software is a scheduling software not accounting like Quick Books right?

its both

thats why it is sooooooooo nice, all in one software, manage your whole window cleaning business with 1 software.

ya got it

Kevin, I’ll volunteer my company if you’d like to work out a deal!!!

Jet City–Don’t get your hopes up too soon about TCF and its accounting potential. It really has none other than keeping track of invoices. It doesn’t link up with your checking/savings accounts. It doesn’t have an accounts payable section. It does have an expenses section that is really handy.

I really love the software, don’t get me wrong. But I think that when Steve designed it, he did so that you would have the freedom to decide which accounting software you can use. It’s really good stuff though. I have it and love it.

No. it is not.