Another reason to always have a pair of these on you

So, my window cleaning job the other day required a little landscaping on my part - a whole bank of windows on a residential property had rhododendrons growing up right against the windows. There was no way I could squeeze in between even with the world’s nimblest WFP setup.

That’s where my Craftsman multi-cut came in handy. I use it to cut my rubber to size, but as I was trying to snap rhodie branches with my weakened fingers, the thought came to me: “I could be cutting through these like buttah!”

So, I made a beeline for the van and came back 10 seconds later with my “Rhodie Eliminators” to make quick work of those pesky window blockers.

Seriously, the multi-cut works better on woody plants than any pruning shears I have used. Of course I asked the customer if I could do some trimming :slight_smile:

Another reason to have these babies in your arsenal. P.S. these things cut garden hose (really any hose for that matter) exceptionally well too.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ronin Multi Cut,

But I’m cursed with them,

I usually get about 2 weeks out of them before they’re lost lol

Attach a cable to them so they are connected to the van :slight_smile:

Just in case you have a competitor working nearby with a wfp?

I love these things for my rubber!

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The man with a back-up system is the man with a plan…even if its a pair of “rubber cutters” for pruning or cutting hose…Jesse so now you have another tool to put on your tried and true list.

Jesse reminds me of MacGyver. He could make a door explode with a paper clip.

Glad that worked well for you Jesse. I had a client let me use his hedge shears to trim some rose bushes away from the windows. The stickers on those bushes would have made my arms all crazy looking.

Now I always say…I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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If anyone could rescreen a house with a dime and an 18"rubber, it’s be him.

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