Another speed video


At least this guy is not using a ridiculously small squeegee, and I didn’t see any noticeable mistakes.

id love to inspect his corners though! lol Mike im sure you’d clean them 3 times as fast with the
I like o have fun once in a while, but i like to make sure that its immaculate the first time i clean the glass!

:mad:I’d agree with Crazy. I’d want to inspect his corners and frames. And the ledges aren’t being dried. Speed is great for the bottom line, but if you have to go back and fix problems or the customer calls you unhappy, that hits the bottom line too. Plus this guy, fast as he may be, has his underwear and butt showing while he’s working. Unacceptable. I thought the idea was to bring a professional image to the industry, not to make it a faster, messy version of itself.

It’s a video on YouTube, for christsakes – it’s to entertain us.

True it is on YouTube to entertain us, but he made some excellent points and views.

eh! guys I’m not that fast but I have problems with the corners

This ones good

// Cleaning Windows - YouTube

That’s hot!