Any Advice On Getting In With An HOA?

There’s a couple neighborhoods that I would like to target, but they have HOA’s. Now I know I could just mail to them, but I’d rather arrange to meet with them to better sell my services. Has anyone tried that? How has it worked out? How did you approach the president of the HOA initially?

John we always just try to get them on the phone and let them know we are interested in putting a bid in. I actually have “the salesman” working on just this type of project right now. Hes contacting about 120 associations trying to get gutter cleaning bids put in.

So do they usually want you to bid on each model of house in the neighborhood? Or is it more along the lines of bidding on the whole neighborhood? I thought it was more along the lines of getting permission to advertise in the community or in their newsletter or at a HOA meeting. Also, what’s the salesman’s approach? Does he ask for an appointment or just ask over the phone for a chance to give a bid? Thanks Chris!