Any business owners want to create an interstate Skype/zoom group to share ideas?

I’m looking to start a cross state zoom group that meets most likely every other week on zoom to share ideas and help each other out.
Topics would include anything on the forum but with a more personal and efficient way of conveying the information and to help our companies grow.

  • CRMS
  • GEAR
  • ETC. ETC.

Maybe add monthly topics/books/concepts
See how it unfolds collaboratively.

Zoom or skype

I’m in Colorado, my companies 19 months old - 3 semi-full time employees. Being in the mountain time zone would keep meeting times easy but could make it work with CT & PT. ET would be difficult because the bi-weekly zoom would be early before the work day starts.

Email me at [email protected]. Group will start as soon as one other member joins. Let’s send it.