Any ideas how to clean this?

This job has grating on the outside of the windows? Any ideas without taking it off?

How big is each opening?
Is it safe to lean a ladder against bars?

If a water fed pole can get them clean enough to satisfy the customer with out touching/ scrubbing the glass with a brush that would be the way to go. I don’t think it will.

Opening is very small. No way to wfp. Pressure wash?

Can you fit a strip washer in and flip it horizontally. Scrub dirty glass and WFP dirty water off.

Can you pressure wash with pure water?
Can you pressure wash with soapy water and follow with WFP pure water rinse?

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I can pressure wash with pure water. Anyone ever do it?

There is a video on YouTube with a crew of guys doing a very high building in Dubai. Chair work. Each guy had a gun. NO SKILL NEEDED!!!

Oops wrong video. I think the company with the pure water pressure guns under cut these guys. They’re moving real slow!!!

Why do you feel the need to even do a job like this ?


That’s funny