Any Last words Changes have been made

So I have changed somethings around and 2 choices of color and Headlines

So please let me know what you think!

This offer is a little different too

Please let me know what you think
My yellow pages guy is breathing down my neck!
Deadline Tomorrow

I like this one

Am I losing my mind or did you edit my ad somehow??
Losing my mind is very possiable!

I just took your image deleted the one heading, replaced it and posted it.

I knew you didn’t change mine I was just confused on how you got it. I have the same one, but I didn’t post it. Funny!

[COLOR=“Blue”]Thank You[/COLOR]

Brennon, you might have spelled “Putt” wrong though…!

I think I like that one the best, too, of the options up there.

I can’t wait to go home. This computer is frying my brain.:o Fixed it!

Did you find out if they will let you put prices in a yellow page ad? Just wondering about that.

I would definately make “Window Cleaning” bigger - its lost in there.

As far as my YP rep he says Yes

Thats good. It my be different in different locales. What is your competition doing? Are you the only ones doing a color ad? Its important to stick out. Im not that fond of the heading to be honest. Most homeowners I work for dont own ladders.


The one thing I would say is I don’t like all the different types of text. There’s like three or four colours of text and different font types and such. It looks too busy. Maybe two different types of font are good.

Besides that it looks good.

Isn’t that the idea behind the heading in the first place?

I would rather have a heading that is more responsive to what the customer is looking for when they open up the book. I liked the heading on the other ad better on another post. Something about getting a better view through cleaner windows.