Any of you guys work at night?

Hello, I’ve got a new acct that wants me to work at night. I dont think I’m go in no to change my entire work schedule just to go back in the day to fix streaks. What’s your input? I’ve always seen window guys during the day

What kind of job is it?

It’s a janitorial co that wants to sub me the window gigs. So office buildings

I do banks and insurance agencies at night. No big deal. One those that I clean the exterior and interior I start outside so the interior lights will show me my sins and on those that are inside only (some have prop managers that manage the exterior) I just clean to my hearts desire. You know the technique and I spend extra time checking-never had a complaint. I find it is usually the mom and pops that stare at the windows during slow times that complain about their $20 being wasted than those corporate accounts that have busy folks that appreciate clean windows. I do about 3 times a month overnight and just pack the am schedule and take a good nap in the pm.

Had a request from $28k yr customer so we sent in 2 WC at 11pm -3am for internal glass at emergency room…charged hazardous work rates $200 per hr per emp…circa 2008

Work at night all the time doing exterior on shopping centers. I use a WFP, works well 99% of the time. Few years back I got really good at doing cellular stores at night nose to glass and with a pole. Pickiest customer ever, couldn’t have customers see me cleaning the windows for some reason. If there was a drip they’d complain so I got good at night work fast.

Not the fastest on some jobs, most maintenance cleans go smoothly enough without seeing the glass much. Still prefer some daylight but it’s not impossible to get perfect results once you become acclimated to cleaning in low light. Wouldnt want to mess with my normal schedule for one gig though.