Any of you guys working out of Durango CO

I’m just visiting here… What a beautiful place to work and live

Sure, in the spring. Cleaning at -15 sucks. But with durango, you can do the east facing part of town in the morning, then switch to the west facing in the afternoon and play off the sunlight. Then the tourists start packing in during the summer and makes route a pain in the butt. But residential can be sweeet.

Worked the area for 5 years before moving to Albuquerque. But a lot of the most incredible views you’d never see as a tourist. Chapman lake and Turner lake are off the beaten path, but it’s an incredible valley.


I’ll have to take a look ,I’m so taken with this area.

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Yeah, just take 25th street west (just north of the high school) and that will take you up to chapman lake and just keep going and you’ll get to a turner lake and its just a nice little drive out of the way. That whole area has some awesome houses that a window cleaner should definitely target out there.

But the naked cliffs out there just made me say “daaaang” every time I was there.

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Oh! Thursday. Do yourself a favor and go to Steamworks and have the chicken and waffles. It’s only on thursday but it is sooooo good. Used to clean steamworks and for lunch the sweet spot for best results is about 11:45 to 12:15. After 12:15 the mac and cheese might be a little harder, before 11:45 it might be a little more runny.

They put like green chile in the waffle and chicken batter. Good stuff.


Thanks for the ideas,my son going to school out here starting in the fall . Truly have fallen in love with this place

It really is a beautiful place! I have family from South Carolina that recently relocated there.

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I loved it there but the winters were rough for window cleaners. Not Midwestern wind chill but still -15 sucks.

Oh and la Plata county sucks for having a business. But beautiful place and good people.

Yah I’m kinda done with winter window cleaning …Too many years of freezing my ass off I’m Minnesota . Maybe retirement​ here would be fun .

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Yeah -15 but no wind chill! That would be sweater weather for you.

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Maybe I only wore a winter coat twice this past winter .

It’s an awesome place. Lived there 13 years ago. I have a friend that does window cleaning there. Also, @evokenflow is out of Durango.