Any Other Knife Collectors Or Just Me

Looking for like minded friends especially in Texas Arizona and any other state where they don’t act like little girls about automatics.

If you collect too…show your knife porn!

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My current favorite


On the office wall…

Cuz you just never know…


I was all set to get me an Alpha Beast until I found out NM suffers from cranial rectal inversion syndrome and considers butterfly knives to be “switchblades.” Apparently I can own one, I just can’t CARRY one. Idiots.

That’s what ccw is for.


I think he meant “Automatics” as in spring assisted knives as in switchblades. Although the classic switchblade is absolutely useless in my opinion. The newer versions are pretty sweet.

The butterfly knife has no spring and isn’t assisted yet NM can’t tell the difference.

I’m pretty bitter about that.

Oh, and it’s absolutely lame that you can’t own an automatic firearm tho. I don’t have one, but if I want to pay for the tag, I could get one. But I just can’t afford the feeding of a BAR… =(

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Sweet. I got two of those bad boys. Check em out:
I bronzed the buttons and hardware, and polished the chanel the blade
slides in and set a Ruby in the button of the other.


Tory (Salvatore) Marino

I did the abalone inlay here but I’m gonna change it to mother of pearl

This was good new zealand abalone but I accidentally epoxied the wrong

What about this bad boy

butterfly knife seems awkward and slow to me. am i missing something? what is the point or advantage? serious question.

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Apparently around here, we can have “Spring Assisted” but not “Spring Loaded.”
(like we follow rules here) :unamused:

They look really cool when you open envelopes with them…


I love them. You can actually open them very fast. Not as fast as an automatic of course, but fast. Yeah, they’re flashy, but they’re just beautiful. I loved them even before I saw Cyco Mike playing with one in a music video.

It’s like theraputic to play with them. Unless you cut your finger which a lot of newbies tend to do. Here’s a tip: get a $5 flea market special to learn on (or a trainer) before you invest in something that slices like a razor.

I guess it depends on what you want out of a knife. If you want one for self defense, get a k-bar and a sheath. If you want utility, get a leatherman. If you just want to cut something in a non lethal situation, then a spring loaded or butterfly will do what you want.

Nice. So in Detroit you use a gun for business and knives for envelopes?

never considered myself a collector but here are a couple i got from my dad:
german ww2 knife with steel scabbard, allied comando dagger


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this is my EDC

Yes I do. Just polished a bunch of crap red abalone. Looks horrible compared with what you guys have. Those deep blues are amazing!

Very Nice.

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