Any other local marketing sites worthy of exploring?

So I’ve been in business officially since 2010 but been doing windows within my family business since 2005. Ive seen different ways to advertise and get new clusters of customers I’ve done several myself and now at a point where things felt watered down or to be honest just looking for something new.
I’ve done:
Google Adwords (not running anymore)
Facebook (not ads)
Website (organically on page 1 of google)
Yellow pages
Door 2 door
Word of mouth (i don’t get too many jobs in my area)

My question outside of postcards is there any local sites or ways of advertising i can grab a new group of customers to plug into my system. Local papers? magazines? Groups? just looking to pic some brains and get some convo started and roll some dice on a few new things.

Have you tried Youtube?
its a VERY powefull marketing tool if used right - though it does take a lot of work & ingenuity to find your niche…