Any Twin Cities (MN) Window Cleaners here?

Contacted CFP, from this forum and we spoke on the phone and were to meet today, Tue, sept 30th, to talk about a Com, window job, but no call and he was a No show. Business owners who treat customers like that… well that is another topic.

Any window cleaners in the Twin Cities out there that are true professionals, please email me.

you should have contacted me last week, i was on vacation for 4 days in the twin cities…

Oh and i was at the Red Carpet in St. Cloud too

Excuse me Ron but I was to call you back yesterday and schedule something, if you want to smear me at least tell the truth. I never scheduled a thing with you. Where were we supposed to meet and at what time?

p.s. how would you possibly know I was CFP anyway?

I find it odd you want to meet with me so bad that you keep showing up at my place. I find it odd you know who I am on here since there is nothing tying my company to this site. I had a weird vibe from the time I talked and decided against calling you back.

there are 200 window cleaning companies where we are Ron, I think you can find one much easier than posting on here… dontcha think?

Only once as I saw your website and I guess when a compamy posts on there web site their address like you have–

Costumers can not stop by thinking it is a office in a Suite in a commercial building? :confused:

You did not answer the question Ron… what appointment did I not show up to?

Also, how do you know who I am on here?

This guy actually joined a window cleaning forum looking for a window cleaner?

Isn’t that kinda odd?

I need a new family doctor but I doubt I’ll join a medical forum to find one. I might just use the yellow pages.

“Stalking” may be an understatement.

Ron, I doubt you’ll find another cleaner who wants to clean your stuff here. We tend to read the same posts.

CFP, did you build your business by not showing up? Hardly.

if you guys only knew the type of month I am having… this fits right in

dude, it is October now.