Anybody feeling a pinch in Commercial/ Storefront Accts?

Just curious if anyone else is losing commercial accts at a rate beyond the norm. Not for anything other than the economy. New management in place … Budget busters etc. What % of monthly dollars in commercial accounts have dropped your service ! I pick up accts and I lose accts it just seems that I have had more Dear John emails phone calls and letters in the last 3 mths than in the last 5 years ! anyone else experiencing economic attrition.???

Thx GP:confused:

Everyday when I come on here, I expect to see more of this kind of thing. I do mostly residential and I’ve done a lot of estimates for people who say, “We’re going to wait until we’re in better financial shape.” My business is off by at least 35% this year and I’m offering some deep discounts like $75 off any pressure washing job over $250.

So far, I haven’t been affected, but my business is in the growth stage, as I used to own a franchise (I was the franchisee not the franchisor). I started on my own in Apr 2008.

So, business is good so far, I’ve been growing my commercial route. Generally they are larger accounts (not small mom/pop 5 window pane jobs).

The economy is not as horrible in Canada as in the US although we are in a recession too.

And we don’t have a foreclosure crisis here either. So those might be factors.

Actually I’ve picked up a few jobs in the past week. I’m selling super aggressively though.

I set up a spread sheet on my blackberry. When I offer an estimate, I enter all the information. The blackberry reminds me to call back on that “future account” next week, next 2 weeks, whenever I want. I found that in the past, I may have been giving out a few estimates, but I wasn’t following up with it the way I should be. Sometimes, I forgot to even write down who I spoke too, or the exact price. So the spread sheet on the phone has been working out great.

I did get a letter from my Kirkland’s account though. They’re now using NEST for all their services…

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I am ramping up my commercial door to door selling to make up for the store front accounts I am loosing. In the spring I plan on doing more residential work. I have new post cards on order to use in my direct marketing efforts for residential work. [/FONT][/COLOR]

FIRE sell anyone

Lost a pick up stix today pulled up and they were shut down out of business.


yeah, I’m selling super aggressively too.

you will lose some regardless of how nice you are or how good your customer service is; if the business can no longer afford you, they can’t afford you…period.

To me it’s a numbers game. Win some lose some…in this case lose some and win a lot more. I have been losing some, but my monthly numbers and goals are still being reached and surpassed, so I’m not worried.
I’m not gonna stay home with a pack of Ice House and cry about the economy :smiley:

I love your website Mike.

It is definitely a numbers game. I think the economy could really effect business for some, but for those willing to adapt there is a lot of opportunity out there. These times don’t inherently change anything, they weed things out.

I’ve lost some to corp. changes, but that is all. I’ve gained fewer new customers this year, but that has less to do with the ecomony, and more to do with my increased travel out of state this winter, so it limits how much I can put into getting new cusstomers.
I refuse to participate in this recession.

I hate to say this in light of all the lost business out there, but we are doing 35% to 50% more business this time of year from last year.

However, sales killed us around late August through October last year with the initial bank and stock market hoopla.

Hopefully things will turn around for the rest of you…real soon!

Our prices and service have increased just like in years past. Our equipment continues to get better, as well as our service. We have not lowered our prices in fact almost all are higher. I refuse to get caught in that trap of working for less.

Amen to that brother! :cool:

Thanks Doug,
Reminds you of someone else’s site on this forum, doesn’t it. :eek:

We both purchased Steve Wright’s marketing package for starting up a window cleaning business. So our sites are very similar, only Doug’s is better. :slight_smile:

The housing market here has seemed to fuel our business rather than hurt our potential for gaining new customers. A lot of our new jobs are from customers selling their homes. We are doing interior and exterior window cleaning for them prior to their Open House. I am also getting a lot of power washing of homes from these same customers. If you would sell your car and park in your driveway with a for sale sign on it, chances are you would wash it, wax it and clean the interior and glass and hope to get top dollar. Same with homes!