Anybody have an Excel Route Spreadsheet they are willing to share?

I have excel but I haven’t done a spreadsheet in 15 years.

I’m needing to get these storefronts organized and can’t afford any new programs, right now.

Also, I’m 50 years old, can’t keep it all in my head. Heck, sometimes I go to the bathroom and I have to stop to remember why.

I’ve looked over the templates here:

But, didn’t really see any that would work.

I have MS Excel 2007.

Thank you,

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Me exceling at route management. Lol.

Keepin it simple. @BostonMike


I use excel and print out pages every week. Over 100 jobs listed vertically in the order I do them not alphabetically. Nothing fancy. That book looks simpler.


I’m using that now. But, it is going to get complicated to breakup into routes soon.
Sooner or later I’ll want to pass it off to an employee.

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Excel is the best program to keep your storefronts in

Not much to know , all ya jace to do is set up rows
One row will have name
Another will jace adresss
Another row will jace town
Another will jace price
Another will jace how often
An so on.

Then just start filling in everything underneath into the cells

Oh yo start it you’ll open up a soreadhesett. Name it an save it. Save everything after done typing in So you don’t lose it

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I do the same for my monthly stuff An Bi-weekly. Then just mark them off when done


Old school. Nothing wrong with that


Cool, thanks guys.

My only problem with just a notebook is that, I’ve been known to lay things down and forget where.

My daily work sheet gets folded up and carried inside the receipt book. I can see the names of whose getting done and check them off without opening the sheet. The less important data is folded under the receipt book flap.


Thanks BostonMike, that’s what I was looking for. Seen what you had while it was up. And, I understand why you took it down.
Thanks Again

I realized that people could enlarge the page to read my customer list. Oops. Now I got some pictures up differently. I’ve got about five pages like that. It’s an excel sheet with page breaks so I get five little pages I can fold up and carry inside my invoice book in my back pocket, a days worth of work. I’m strictly storefronts now.

There’s a master sheet on my laptop at home with 3 four week periods layed out so I can see the next 12 weeks, a quarter, with totals all added up for me in excel at a glance. All the individual jobs in columns layed out. A column from the master gets pasted into the weekly spread sheet each week. Of course the master changes when the weeklies don’t go as scheduled.
Does that make sense?

My appointments, like early morning restaurants, are also on my smart phone google calendar so I get alerts.


Don’t lose it. I’ve often thought how much it would suck to lose cause I’d have to rewrite everything and call customers. Just don’t let it happen…

I keep mine handy in my truck with my invoices and milage chart all year. There’s some things I don’t lose. My wallet, my phone, and my schedule…

I love it. Its so easy. Lay it out one time in early march and fill in the blanks through the year. It works for me.

Plus it helps drive home the scarcity principle to prospects. “Look ma’am, it’s filling up fast. Get in while you can” lol. Works every time

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That’s why I’m not puttin mine up.

But it’s pritty simple. Just start the spreadsheet by naming it. Save as then type a name. Now you have your spreadsheet. Them fill in top rows with all the headlines. Which will be the store name
The addresss. The price ect…

There is s lit more to learn like deleting rows An making a cell bigger making your headlines bold An bigger. Just play with it. An hit save after you type in a lot so you don’t lose what you typed.

Hope this helps


Yes, I understand what you are saying.
Thank you very much.

I[quote=“Dee, post:4, topic:43191”]
Sooner or later I’ll want to pass it off to an employee.

If I had employees they’d get one small page to fold and put in the invoice book. I’d probably fill out the invoices in advance, in the order they get done.

I don’t put a lot of info on my weekly sheet. Not enough room on that little piece of paper. It’s just a list of whose getting done this week with a price.

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I’ll probably stick with the calender unless/until and if I ever expand to more than one truck on the road. Otherwise just seems like more work. Plus I’m just not real technical.

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I do like the mobile printer idea though… I believe @Majestic66 has something like tha t going on?


Haaaa. Except when you forget to charge the dam thing.
Mobile printer is awesome bro :+1:

Get the Canon IP110

Then yabhave to buy the battery. :money_mouth_face:


Sorry about that guys, I got a called away.

BostonMike, in the picture you have up now, ‘R’ = ? ‘3R’ = ? ‘W’ = ?
I can see the 2 week and 4 week pattern. And, I think I can see the Outside Only and the Inside&Outside pattern.
The Blue indicates the current route day?
This spreadsheet is based on a 30 day period, correct?
That’s a good layout, thank you.

I know what you are saying, I had my phone stolen before. What a pain it would be to have my book come up missing.
You mention a mileage chart, I’ve been writing my miles down in my notebook. Where’d you get you mileage chart from?

That’s something to think about. Thank you.

Thank Majestic66, I use to use excel years ago, but it has been many years ago. Thanks for the starter list of the column headlines. It makes it easier.

The mobile printer idea sounds great. But, for now it will have to be pre-printed invoices or carbon paper…good thing I’m cleaning Office Depot at 7am tomorrow.:grin:

Thanks everyone and thanks to someone who emailed me.


We keep our account list in excell and we keep a paper copy for quick reference in the truck. Like @Majestic66 said very basic name,address,price ect. We run 3 account lists in excell weekly, bi weekly and monthly customers. We use google calendar for scheduling.