Anybody know anything about this event?

was looking at purchasing some equipment and stumbled across this. anyone going?

Go to NOLA instead, same weekend

I wish! I can’t do weekends. This is on a Monday-tues

It has RM involved so I will be no where near it.

What’s his deal?

He’s polarizing you either like him or you don’t from what I have observed. I don’t have an opinion really I have never met him

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I liked the way he used to do video responses to thread posts, barking at people.

I think I should start doing that.

Just to be clear. I am not the RM mentioned in the previous post.

Are you sure about that?

He did an 8 or 9 minute video in response to my dubiousness about window cleaning certifications.
I see the UAMCC is now offering them.

I live in Orlando and never even considered going to this event. Enough said…