Anybody know what's wrong here?

CCU on a lift yesterday, did insides already and when I did outsides multiple windows had this issue. Never seen it before I think it’s a broken seal but not sure, it’s on the isnide of window.

it goes all the way down middle of window. you gotta click on pic too see better, best pic I could get

Sure looks like seal failure to me.

you can only really see it from the inside when the sun hits it, what really confuses me is inside one of them looks like foggy drips. I went over everything and I know for fact it’s not me. contractor keeps pointing it out and I tell him that it’s a seal failure. you know how it goes though, Blame the window cleaner!!! lol

I think your looking at a manufacturers defect.

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just confirmed today that it is a maufactures defect it’s low-e light thermopanes and it’s the film they use to tint them

Pretty stupid contractor

they are stupid, I counted 23 windows that are like that.

Learn to film.

Too bad he didn’t notice them before they were installed.

no joke, he’s praying that no one notices, but once the sun hits it, it’s bad.

So they tinted low E coat glass?
I did a CCU of large hospital a few years ago and the glazier was shaking his head when he saw the management of the hospital getting a quote from the tinting guy, he claimed he windows would shatter due to heat and the AC idk what his reasoning was, he said they spent all this money on the best glass they could get with a tint already on the coat and well as the energy effects.

I film low e glass daily. For years. Its a common misconception that low e glass will provide the same results as window film. It doesnt.
In most cases,low e systems are double pane, with the low e side facing inside, between panes

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That is not the case here down under the low E coat is exposed on the internal surface of the glass as he climate does not need a double glazing… Its such a pita to clean as the drag is 10 times worse than a standard tint film, and its clearly advised not to apply any film directly to the low E coat surface(which was what I was referring to)

The drag is terrible fosho. Its like taking a squeegee to a chalkboard

I did a house yesterday… EVERY SINGLE pane is low E even the 150 louvers each louver is low E

the film is on the inside of the window, between the panes of glass. idk what these guys were thinking. it’s a big college addition of course somones gonna notice, but the first person they’re gonna blame is the window cleaner. I’ve already got threatened by this idiot of contractor that he’s not paying me, and even if he did it wouldn’t be what the contract was for. I’ve delt with this before, they never change, always trying to screw the sub so they get a bonus. I’m done with CCU I make more money on my routes all day.

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We did a construction clean yesterday and all the windows were defective. Quality has been on a steady decline for years.

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