Anybody use or seen one of these?

Gutter Ball High Pressure Nozzle for Cleaning Gutters


Looks like it would make a tremendous mess of the house. I don’t think I’d want to use one unless I was also pressure washing the house.

I was thinking the same thing John. It seems like it would get a bit of water under the shingles to.


Also, they show pine needles being blown out. I’m no gutter cleaning expert, but pine needles seem to come out with just regular hose pressure.

Maple spinners and leaves are just a tad more resilient in the gutter. I wonder what would happen with them

More bad then good!

Its gonna be faster just removing it by hand. I made the mistake of pressure washing the gutters a few times and there was debris EVERYWHERE! Even on the neighbors house! That thing is gonna blow stuff 20 feet out! If there is a window along the line and a rock is in there- POW there go’s your profit.:mad:

The only good and proper way of cleaning out gutters is to do it by hand, or use an extension pole on a ladder. Around here we have everything from leaves to pine needles, helicopter seeds (and other pollen seeds), shingle granules, sticks, pine cones, dead animals - you name it. Also, the gutters are usually 3" deep with crud, algae water - and I couldn’t imagine blowing that crap all over the place.

We did 3 gutter cleans today, plus an int/ext wc job. I filled up a 55 gallon garbage can (the big ones) just today.

Innovation is good though, it might sprout another idea that is more applicable. Technology is one of the few things that truly enrich the world and frees humans from monotonous jobs like welding parts on a car or window cleaning… along comes the waterfed pole. Doesn’t replace a window cleaner but i believe it enriches the user. Power to the people let technology do the work.

Why didnt they show the gutter being cleaned from the top view with stuff in there? Another contraption that has me saying “just do the work”. 50% of the issues I run into involve snaking or disassemleing of a gutter elbow to remove serious clogs. I give him “E” for effort but dont think this would be well perceived in the gutter cleaning market. There are probably a few gadjet type people who willl buy one I would guess.

So, I think the consensus is that it sucks.

I think that was his childhood name and he wanted to capitalize on it from all the pain and suffering. No thanx, not for me gutter balls