Anybody Using NiftyQuote for proposals?

I am trying it out now at the same time as Pro-Posal. NiftyQuoter is way more customizable and the metrics, graph charts and templates are more detailed but Pro-Posal seems simpler to use and more friendly in the field on the iPad. One cool thing about [URL=“”]NiftyQuoter though is that it integrates with PipeDrive a CRM sales followup tool that I use. ProPosal is so simple and I like the upload photos feature a lot. I haven’t decided yet but I was wondering if any others had checked out [URL=“”]NiftyQuote or the other big player in this market, [URL=“”]PandaDoc? They all have great features and I’m sure one way or another this is the future of quoting jobs. I just need to figure out what works best.


Yeah okay I’ll check that out. I’ve been looking for a good quoting tool. I’ll let you know if I land the Hampton inn next week.

never seen or heard of it. in fact, pro-posal is the only bid specific tool i’ve ever used. it was so awesome from day one that i’ve never even considered looking for an alternative. and it’s only gotten better since then. i also like the fact that i can hit dave or birynne up on voxer or facebook pretty much 24/7 and get instant customer service. that’s a big deal to me.

and i don’t much care for the metrics tracking features. i can track those numbers a million other ways. i want my bidding software to do two things: save me TIME, and GET ME THE JOB AT MY PRICE. pro-posal does that perfectly.

my close rate is similar, but i’m closing at much higher prices and the confidence it gives me bleeds over into other aspects of my business. something about knowing my quotes are the “Most Ballin’ Of All The Quotes” my potential customers will see makes me feel pretty spectacular.

Thanks for your input. I am trying out pro-posal too. I like the simplicity of it but am having trouble figuring out some of the features. Nifty quoter doesn’t seem to be as easy to put out a bid in the field but I like the customization it offers. Not sure which one I’ll ultimately commit to but either one will be a big improvement for me.

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I wanted to use Proposal, but it wasn’t set up for my market (UK)

So I eventually found Proposify… although i might try nifytquote seeing as it’s cheaper…haha

So thanks for the post :wink:

Dave and the team at ProPosal are simply incredible! The software is top notch In my opinion - the updates just keep coming and the price stays the same. I can’t see the price staying this low for long… Proposal is made by a window cleaner and they listen to their people - incredible software!

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