Anybody Using Streetbidder?

Streetbidder looks like a pretty awesome service. What kind of results have you guys seen from it? Primarily I’m interested in the percentage of jobs to post cards sent. Is it 1 job out of a hundred cards? Better? Worse?

Of course, I know it depends on the area you are in, I’m just trying to get an overall picture of how effective it is.

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Street Bidder is about specifically targeting properties rather than the numbers game of sending lots of postcards out such as EDDM/flyer drops to anyone and everyone.

If you a well known company/trader and you target specific roads/streets/homes, naturally you get more jobs compared to EDDM, but the effort involved is much greater.

Also it would depend on how you use it… will you take images of prospects homes for their individual street bid flyer or will you use the less “freaky” road sign and house number approach.

You need to think about whether the picture of a prospect house on a flyer will freak them out and you get complaints and potentially lose a customer for life? or you go the less intrusive approach but potentially less useful of road sign and house number…

Effective? Yes it is…

Better return on ROI than EDDM? Probably.

More work than EDDM? Yes it is.

Worth it? Only long term testing will you find out.

(I don’t use SB specifically, since it’s not available in my region. But I have sort of worked out my own version of it)


Street Bidder is awesome. I used it last year quite a bit and the return rate was so much better than standard mailing and EDDM.

The old version was unfortunately a bit glitchy. I have seen the new version and it is so awesome, so much better than the original. They have a booth at this years WCRA convention this week where they will re launch the product.

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My pleasure. Thanks to all of our 950 users for sticking it out with us while we have built Street Bidder 2.0 I know it has been a slow and long ride but promise that what we have now is INSANE COOL compared to anything we have had in the past. I’ll attach a couple screenshot teasers as a sneak peak.


I don’t mind a quirk here and there, but I’m looking forward to the new version after watching Mole and Jersey (which is what introduced me to streetbidder in the first place)…I just want to make sure I’m spending my money in the best place, as I have an extremely tight budget. Do you think it would be better to wait until spring, or would you see results now?

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Streetbidder is a cool concept although I dropped it pretty quick after it launched. That reason had more to to with me than SB

If you have a tight budget I would suggest to wait in SB because it sounds like you have more time than money.

Flyers are your best friend and they are much cheaper. You can work up to SB as your budget grows.

just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input…that’s the route I’m probably gonna take. Been trying to get as much face time with realtors and property managers as possible right now.

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I can’t wait to see more at the convention. When can we download the new and much improved 2.0 StreetBidder?

It will be available next week! However, at the convention we will show you a fully live version and answer any questions you may have.

Hey chrisg I’ve been wondering about trying to setup my own as well as I’m in canada. Can you share any info?

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Hi Ken, I’m down at the convention here in Nashville this weekend. I’ll see what the status is for Canadian market and report back.

You’ll need to look for a mail print and post company that creates your post cards and sends them for you.

Set up a template for each road/area - photo, wording and have a database of addresses.

very basic, but it’s basically the same idea as SB just a bit more work involved on your part and is not all automated like SB is.

Are flyers cheaper? Yes. But what’s your long term goal? Do you want to clean windows the rest of your life and spending all your spare time passing out flyers? Or do you want to be able to press a button and instantly send a highly targeted postcard with a price to thousands of homes? To grow and give yourself more time to work on the things of your business that matter, like systems. Street bidder is an amazing tool

I signed up for the new version, looks super slick. Looking forward to getting started with it!

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So it looks like at least 6+ months for Canada as Joshua wants to make sure any kinks are ironed out before expanding into different territories. There can also be some legalities to consider before releasing/implimenting this type of marketing software into differrent countries.

As it was a year ago. We need a Canadian to get this service or a way to do it ourselves. I have a good printer but no good way to marry pic to address etc

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I checked out the booth at the convention. The new version looks super slick. Josh took it to another level.

I can’t wait to play around with it.

Very Cool 2.0 looks pretty sweet Joshua!