Anyone Cleaned Reynobond (Aluminum Composite Materials)?

Got a call from a dealership with Reynobond ACM panels on the front of the building. They want them cleaned and no pressure washer can be used- it looks like mild soapy water and just scrubbing and rinsing. This seems daunting and I din’t know how to price it. HAs anyone done this before. They are so smooth they can be squeegeed after scrubbing. Th

I run ph neutral solution up my wfp and scrub n rinse… Manufacturer’s instructions often say to simply rinse with water… If you are paranoid (like me) do a test clean first, wait till dry then do the rest and collect your $$

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Thanks for the link, I saw they recommended 1/3rd cup detergent, 2/3rd cup TSP, 1 quart 5% bleach for mildew. Are you running pure water as well or just tap and what type of wfp brush- hogs hair or plastic bristle? How do you price them if its not to much to ask? The average panels are 4’x8’.

You are welcome. Yes that seems to be a good mix for mildew/algae. The point is not to go too aggressive with chems. Straight water, but my tds area is 2-10. Tucker brush nylon, soft enough it doesn’t leave marks. I bid all my work by the hour (how many per hour X hourly rate).

Regarding pure water… if you are in a hard water area and want to save money consider rinsing the top half panels with straight and the lower panels (within eyeshot) with pure.

This will get me going, thanks a bunch!

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OPM , when you say straight, and pure, what are you referring to, straight tapwater, and pure water?