Anyone do any office cleaning?

Looking for some direction if anyone can help.

I have an auto dealership with a couple small buildings that would like me to start cleaning. Very small and they don’t want much done so it should be a piece of cake. I plan to factor in window cleaning with the office cleaning.
I just don’t have a clue what to charge or how to quote it. It would mainly involve vacuum,mop & dusting.

My wife works for a doctor & one of the girls in the office cleans it. He is paying her $500 per month. To me, with the size of this office, that’s insane. This place is really small. That’s a contract that I hope to get too.

At any rate, if someone could give me some ideas on how to quote this, I would really appreciate it.


How long will it take you to clean? What is your hourly goal?

I hadn’t really determined an hourly goal. I would think that even if I did the windows, I could get both buildings done in about 2 hours or so

Tim, take this question over to Another great bb. T Peterson is the resident guru on that board in regards to this kind of thing.


This is an important component in maintaining a profitable business.

A simplistic look:

To start, one needs to understand costs, both static (such as overhead) and to a certain extent, dynamic (specific to a particular job.)

Another requirement, obviously, is knowing how much money one needs to net in order to live and grow (what’s the salary and profit you need to maintain a lifestyle and plan for the future.)

One also needs to understand the marketplace in which one operates (where’s the competition at?)

It’s obvious that I still have a lot to learn. I have run businesses for other people for years with great success. This is my first venture on my own & there is a huge learning curve.

The folks here are the most helpful & generous I have seen. I only wish some of you were closer so I could hang out with ya for a day or two.

Thanks for the tips !

I have been doing janitorial work for about 15 years. Even if you figure out how long the job will take you and you come up with a price, don’t forget to factor in the time of day you will be able to do the job. Can you do it early in the morning, do you have to wait until after they close? Will this cause you to drive extra? As far as a hourly rate I like to get about $50 (here in NJ) Also make sure to protect yourself when it comes to any damage on cars in the showroom. For some reason it is ALWAYS the cleaner who broke/ damaged it. You get the idea.
Good luck.

I’ll be looking this thread closely. I’m going to meet my insurance agent to get a policy for my wife’s soon-to-open house cleaning company.
Out idea is to target our WC’ing customers to start with, which 99% of the are residential.
Would like to know more about the commercial side, but I don’t want to take more than I can handle.

Doc & Dentists are very cheap when it comes to paying outside contracts and will pay, their own staff quite well. Remember that.

Need more specs on the car dealership,
you must have insurance.
do you have any equipment? If not look at the local Janitorial Supply houses in the area, do not buy the junk off the shelf at the grocery store, it is useless and expensive.
You will need a good neutral cleaner for the floors, and a wet/dry shop vac for the entrance mats and entrances. Yes they probably get them changed every 2 weeks or even every week, but you will be expected to clean them lightly every cleaning as well.

Now like window cleaning there are formulas for working,
If you do it once a month or every two months it is much more per visit than if
you go once or twice a week.

hrs x days p/wk extras $ x $ per Hr x 52.00 div 12.00 {=} monthly price $
hrs visit travel time days p/wk extras $ x $ per Hr total visit # weeks div months

3.25 0.25 1 4.00 25.00 91.50 4758.00 396.50
3.25 x 1 x 25.00 x 52.00 div 12.00 93.25 per visit
per week
per month
per year

Cleaning breakdown for Commercial

if 6 1/2hrs man hrs per night

6 1/2 x 5 days + supplies x $per hr x 52 ± (div by) 12 =

so eg for me for on of my contracts
3hrs x 2 days wk x 20 Hr = 120 x 52 = 6240 ± 12 = $520

take the formulas and put them into an excel spread sheet and they show up just fine. sort of… LOL … I will be giving some of this to the document centre soon and so if you have any contributions, you can see them as well.

for residential here is a good formula and rule to follow…

Do the math and consider how you are pricing your jobs. More work and more accounts does not necessarily mean more money. Having 500 $50.00 jobs ($25,000) is not going to make you as much money as having 300 $100.00 jobs ($30,000).

Q. Is it more profitable to clean 10 houses a day for an average of $75.00 per house or 7 houses per day for an average of $120.00?
10 X 75.00 = $750.00 (MORE drive time pay for employees, MORE customers to manage)
7 X 120.00 = $840.00 (LESS drive time pay for employees, FEWER customers to manage)
“formula” breakdown, as to where your income should go, from each job?
Payroll --48 to 51%
Taxes & Insurance–22-25%
Overhead – 2-4%
Profit – 18 - 22%

payroll is best in the 45-50% or lower, but remember it is better to pay better and train less, for many many many reasons…

For insurance I am sold on State Farm,
they have better qualified agents who will work for you, do not make the mistake of going with the cheapest.
Also make sure you have her get disability insurance as well.

Wow…fantastic response. That gives me some great ideas on which way to go.


James Noakes gives out a great newsletter for Office cleaning.

Turner, great post.
I’ll be waiting for you to release the document so I can download it. The residential part is pretty much clear to me, but is just my wife so far, and myself ( the helper).

The commercial formula … will need an explanation after looking at your document, since right there I couldn’t follow it. I do understand the variables that you’re using but the layout of the formula is confusing, at least on that post.

Keep the advice coming, is always appreciated.


One over the other
hrs x days p/wk extras $ x $ per Hr x 52.00 div 12.00 {=} monthly price $

3.25 0.25 1 4.00 25.00 91.50 4758.00 396.50

3.25 x 1 x 25.00 x 52.00 div 12.00 93.25 per visit
hrs visit travel time days p/wk extras $ x $ per Hr total visit # weeks div months