Anyone else see this before?

I am assuming this is the desiccate(which is not uncommon to find in between panes) but at over an inch thick in between the panes I don’t believe this window would fog if thrown into a pool.

When was the pane installed?

Maybe it’s the cough medicine talking, but I literally laughed out loud when I read that. Classic!

Yep its desiccant had to some in to see the little beads looks like a towel jamb under the window. They need a replacement window the spacer frame wi th the dessican r has failed in some way

I’ve seen that once or twice and was pretty taken aback myself.

Hey Dan,
Your profile pic looks like you could be holding a tennis racket, an electric flyswatter, or a giant magnifying glass. I’ve always wondered.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right! It is indeed a tennis racket.