Anyone ever been asked to do car windows?

Hi Im new in the business and i handing out my business cards and stopped at an car auction place and they asked me if i was willing to clean the car windows before the auction an gif i would give him a quote to to nothing but the windows of the cars keep in mind that these cars have already been washed and detailed days before. I’m talking about 200+ plus cars
thanks for any advice

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Run outside, set up all the gear you will need. I would suggest Sprayway and huck towels or micro fiber. Do all of the windows on your car and time yourself. Detail the edges and corners first, than quickly do the main part of the glass - don’t forget the mirrors. Come up with a fair price to do this 200 times. :::Bam::: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! :wink:


They would be a pain no matter how done, but I would skip the squeegee in favor of foam spray.


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I would contemplate $2 per side of glass. 1 front, 1 back, 4 side windows on a sedan; throw the mirrors in for free. Sales brother, sales!

$2 each…$12 x 2(in/out) = $24 x 200 = $4,800. Hmmm, could they afford that?

$1 each…$6 x 2(in/out) = $12 x 200 = $2,400. Hmmm, is that much arm flailing worth it for $2,400?

Bound to be some trucks, but many trucks are crew cab anymore, so we’re still talking 4 to 6 pieces of glass. (8 to 12 inside and out).

Edit afterthought:
Sprayway cost about $3 per can. 200 cars you may be out several cans, your price per window PLUS the cost of foam spray. No need to eat that cost and wear your arms out too!

If they go cheap on you, offer them this service…lol

El Cheapo Car Wash

I went to a car dealership once to pitch them and quote the glass. He apparently though i was talking about pressure washing the cars. He said yeah 50 cents each!

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More than likely they aren’t going to pay you what you need. They won’t see the value

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Well i quoted them at 3 dollars a car and 4.50 suv/trucks. hope i didn’t shoot myself in the foot i think i can do ten or more per hour since they do detail them and wash em so I’m assuming inside might not all need it and i thought i bring a helper/employee at 10-12 buck an hour might be worth it again I’ve only been washing windows for about 1 1/2 months so 400-600 bucks for 4 or 5 hours worth it right now .
:::Bam::: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

i saw this and maybe thought to use it thoughts?

These work great on car windows. Also if you come across plexiglass.

California Squeegee

Dont waste your time with a squeegee or spray foam.
Get a bunch of good quality micro fibers (not the big box store ones.)
Use straight pure water.
-Have one damp for washing (cleaning
-Have dry one (buffing dry)

Take a bottle of rubbing alcohol for tuff marks…dressing overspary ect (you might not need it)

Ive done thousands of cars…What i suggested will work.

Good luck your looking at close to 24 hrs of work, if you get 200 Auction vechicals.


wow 24 hrs i was thinking like 5-6 hrs of work thanks tho

That would be 40 vehicles per hour; 20 vehicles every 30 minutes; 10 vehicles in 15 minutes; 3 vehicles every 5 minutes. Very ambitious.

They call him The Flash!


Trust me you’ll be closer to 24hrs.

i rarely get asked to do car windows…unless i’m standing on the corner with my “anything will help sign”.

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Car windows usually take me about a half hour per car. I will do them at gun point. And try to charge too much. Once awhile back I experimented with sealing windshields with a hydrophobe that I could guarantee for six months. I charged about 25 bux and did the two front side windows and mirrors also. Took me about 20 minutes per car. Marketed to my store accounts. It worked. But I lost interest and moved on to something else. Glass detailing on cars is a good idea. I have also removed water spots from cars. Buses would be great for this. Every coach bus has bad spots. Cuz they use ground water to clean them. Vehicular Glass Detailing. VGD. Good thread. Keep it going guys.


With 4 Guys yes… With just you 5-6 hours 200 plus cars . Momma Mia !!!

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Henry once you get the process and technique need down you can knock out car windows in about 8-10mins on an average car. I owned an auto reconditioning company for a couple decades i specializes in paint correction (fixing others mistakes) my company did complete details, wash and waxing, hand cars washing, window tinting, windshield chip repair, headlight restoration ect.

If you or anyone else needs advice about auto care personal or business wise feel free to PM ill help you out with advice!