Anyone ever spring for "Mystery Bucket"?

Wonder’n who amongst us here has ever bought a “Mystery Bucket”, what’s kinda goodies are inside?
Next time I have a hundred burn’n a hole in my pocket, maybe for it :slight_smile:

It’s a mystery, the people that have bought a “mystery bucket” have been sworn to secrecy that’s why it’s a Mystery Bucket :smiling_imp::grin:

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So it’s something were sworn to secrecy, OK then that makes sense.
Thanks for the clarity, I was unaware of the process after purchase.
Have a great New Year inn Aussie!

I have heard great things about the mystery bucket!

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I herd u had to take a blood oath not to talk about what was in the mystery bucket and if you ever spoke of the contents you would have to sacrifice your fist born or cut off you dominant squeegee hand. Who will be the first to break the sacred oath.

Are people sworn to secrecy? I posted my box last year.


Check this -