Anyone ever used a Zip Tie to Dog Ear a Unger S Channel?

I recently watched a video on Youtube where a window cleaner uses a zip tie to dog ear his channel. He was not doing this on a Unger S channel in the video. He did mention you have to find the right zip tie thickness for it to work. Has anyone ever tried this before on a Unger S channel? If so, what thickness zip tie do I need to buy?

I just want to get faster at detailing.

Thanks! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Easiest way to get a dog ear effect on an Unger S channel is to use Ungers green plastic clips. The clips in behind the rubber will push the rubber ends forward. Also, don’t forget to trim your rubber width to about 1/16" on either side.

Unger green clip video

[video=youtube_share;Zp2mUoJE9tY]Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner Episode #53 Unger Clips - YouTube

Chad, I think that video is more for wide body channels that you can’t bend. Search MyWagga on Youtube. Don’t worry about cutting the slot for now. Start with bending your ends a bit at a time and work up. to much and you will skip in the middle, but you can bend them back.
I couldn’t endorse this more. I do all of mine this way.

Hey Mark,
I will have to give that a try. I have heard of people using the green clips on the side facing the glass and they kept falling off. It does sound better to place them on the front side facing you as you squeegee. This will push the rubber forward and put pressure on the end clips. Hopefully keeping them from falling off.

Did the end clips stay on when you placed them on the front side facing you as you squeegee?

Thanks for the advice Dale

I never had any issue tho I didn’t really like them in front. Fund them more useful in the back.

Ok. Thanks

[SIZE=4]Just check these videos.

They all work, however some that can not be reversed back that easy.

Sure out of them all, you will find one that works best for you.

[SIZE=2]Dog Ear Effect Wagtail Steccone & Sorbo Channels Squeegee Rubber[/SIZE][SIZE=2][URL=“- YouTube”]
- YouTube


I’ve tried Marks idea and found that it works well. I think Herman has the best advice, try several ideas and use what works for you.

I just ordered some of the green end clips for the Unger channel. I will keep ya’ll posted.

Thanks again for the advice!

yes. But being plastic they do wear out in time but cheap enough to replace.