Anyone get this by email?



I did and so did several guys in the MWCoA.

I got it as well. I replied to them with a “NO THANKS”.

I got it also. I told them to give me 3 Million and I’ll sell them the whole setup,
my accounts, trucks, poles, guys, my dog, used Huck’s, My 4 year old unused bottle of GG3 & 4. etc. etc. etc.

Whew man!! If they would bite on that, you’d see one happy Cajun
down here!! :smiley:

Classic Charlie right there!:wink:

I got it too. How did they get every window cleaner in the worlds email address?

Several wcers have their e-mail addy in their signatures so it wouldn’t take a lot to compile a mailing list.

No, I did not get that email. Must have got it somewhere else, I dont think they got it here.



No reply yet, Charlie?

I got it. My response was “delete”

I got the same thing but my spam cop caught it. Spam is kind of funny now cause I still have the check the spam folder just in case something is in there. But I just deleted it.

I got my second e-mail from then today. Anyone else get a second or am I just special? (I know I make it too easy sometimes:D)

yup. junk mail filter got it. i still replied though, with NO. i hope they take me off their list

Got a second e-mail this morning from these people. Any one know who they are?

I get that email a couple of times a week

That’s because you’re special Ed, er, I mean Linda.:smiley:

The Squeegee Squad is the brain child of Jack and Joe Rusegger(?).

Didn’t get that. I got a phone call from some acquisitions company a few weeks ago. Can’t remember the name.

So they’re lerking on the forums…