Anyone have a Used Carbon Fiber WFP for sale?

Hey guys… I am needing a used 45’ carbon fiber WFP. Not looking to spend a lot, but could use one. I already have the tanks, just need a pole. Also, would love have some opinions on the Simpole… Anyone use it? Is it good? Pro’s/Con’s?

Please feel free to e mail me directly too:



Welcome to the forum D

Cant help with the pole. I’d sell you mine but it would be more than what a brand new one here on wcr would cost. I love my pole :slight_smile:

I really like my Simpole. But it’s not for sale. :wink:

I ll sell you a Gardiner 61 footer for 2500

If your interested I have a 27 foot CL-X I would sell for $350.00.Only used a couple of times.In like new condition.

uh, not carbon fiber.

Yeah Larry I know just kinda threw it in there.I gave up on recommending poles to people.I have it for sale in a way but really haven’t moved in the right direction yet.Waiting on that day I can purchase a super light.

[COLOR=#333333]I have a 60ft modular Simpole for sale. It’s a year old and in great condition. I’ve only used the firsts 5 sections(mostly sections 1-4). I do residential only and don’t need that much pole. I just don’t need 60ft. It seems such a waste to have 5 sections just sitting in the office. It very light and each sections is about 1 pound. I’ll sell it with a brush and 75ft of hose.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]I’m asking $1000.00 + shipping[/COLOR]