Anyone have the Ettore aqua clean 35' hybrid pole?

Seems like a really good price for a pole of that length, any one have any hands on experience with it or know someone who has one? Looking for feedback. Also noticed it’s on pre-order, Alex do you know when it’ll be available?

I have a friend that has one, and I used it for a day, I loved it! Will probably be the next pole I buy.

I have the 27’ CLX (which is the same pole, but a different color) and fully extended it bends like crazy. when using it at 2nd story height i dont even extend the #1 and 2 sections because they are thinner than the rest, and it is much more rigid. it is almost unusable when fully extended though…

The 27’ CLX Red pole is what I have now too. I haven’t had a probelm using it fully extended. I do have a bigger brush on it which may make a little difference, (not sure though). I’ve had a lot of problems with the glue coming off the clamps, that’s been a pain, but an easy fix.

According to the manufacturer the new hybrid 35’ will be much stiffer than the red predecessor.

Nice, maybe ill get one…

Whilst the CLX27 is fairly flexible at full extension it is a budget pole and as such easily out-performs standard fibre-glass equivalents. We also recommend only using a Gardiner Super-Lite brush with the CLX and SLX range of poles. These poles have been carefully designed to work best under certain loads and using a heavier non-Gardiner brush will not make the best of the poles performance.

The new Ettore35ft Hybrid is not the same construction as the CLX27 and has been designed specifically for Ettore to be used at this height. It uses different diameter sections and is a lot more rigid than the CLX27 (also more expensive though!). Whilst it is heavier (5.84 lbs v 4.51 lbs) than an SLX35ft full carbon pole it is still very usable at these heights.

Glad I got a SLX 30ft pole while they were still available.

I enjoy using my CLX 27. I have no complaint’s. It does flex when fully extended and is also hard to maneuver with a hog hair brush on it. but still no complaint’s.

I know that this is an old post but I love my 35’ Aqua Clean hybrid pole and thought I would share that with you. I used it today fully extended and it worked out great. I will say that it is not as stiff as any of the full carbon poles that I have seen, but it has never been much of an issue for me. Basically it fits ion the back of my truck, it extends and retracts easily, and it has not given me a single issue from day one which was 7 months ago. I feel like for the price it cannot be beat.