Anyone know anything about this?

They don’t give much detail on it. :confused:

// Washing System The Prototype in Action - YouTube

that guys looks like he needs to sell that system or else someone is going to kill him, bet on the wrong team or something and now his families held hostage somewhere in Russia by ex-KGB agents until he start selling this…TANK!!!

I can’t see it being as cost effective as he seems to think. If you have a few windows OK but what about a bigger building? That’s a lot of units to install. Plus I wonder how it would hold up to a good old fashioned midwest winter?

I think he’s French Canadian, but Have to admit he sounds more Eastern block. It seems to be the Hollywood norm’ to make all baddies English these days.

I am french canadian, and i can tell you he’s from Quebec for sure!

Maybe the eastern bloc of Quebec.:wink:

That guy looks like he just escaped from a concentration camp. I suppose the system would be good on really, really tall buildings where windows are too difficult or dangerous to access, but who would install that thing? I’m pretty confident that all our jobs are still secure.

I have one customer that has 2 skylights on the back of her house that could use this system. The back of the house drops into a ravine and makes laddering impossible even w/ a 40ft ladder. Then of course the roof pitch is 12/12 back there. The previous cleaner had to tie off and charged her 3 times what I did (I refused to do the skylights) because of the extra time in tieing off for those 2 windows.

The Pentagon recently invested 2.4 million researching the feasibility of this system on the Ohio Class submarine. Aparently they were having serious problems with fish poop obscuring the view when 600 feet down.


for what ever reason that post made me laugh :smiley:

Click on the “resellers” to get a picture of it. Basically a powered squeegee installed on every window. Good for very hard to reach windows.

John Venning