Anyone know where to get specific replacement parts for ladders?

Hey all.
I broke one of those little, black, hinged flapper dohickeys on the rung locks of an extension ladder for the second time. Last time this happened I custom made a replacement which lasted a good six months but that broke again. I am not trying to be cheap (well maybe I am) but i see that you can get a SET of the whole aluminum ladder locks which includes the part that i broke but it seems to be about a one dollar part and I hate to replace the entire pair just for that little plastic part.
I know that this is extremely specific, but does anyone know where to get just that part?
If anyone can give me a lead, the win…well…my respect.


Here’s one supplier for Werner ladders

Werner Aluminum Extension Ladder Replacement Parts

29-1 Werner Ladders Plastic flippers w/ springs and hardware #29-1 (Pair) $8.96 Each 1.00 lbs

Try here,

Werner Aluminum Extension Ladder Replacement Parts

You beat me to it, Steve.

Wow. Thanks guys. That gives me hope that I can actually find the part i am looking for. Unfortunately… I should have said that it is on a Louisville ladder. Wonder if i could make the one from Werner fit mine? Maybe just measure and tweak it on?

Alright. You guys rock. I guess I just couldn’t find it because I wasn’t using “flipper” to search for it. So obvious now. Typing, “little black hinged ladder go down but only when you want it to thingy” in Google doesn’t return squat.
I press my palms together in front of my chest and bow to both of you.

Check here - Louisville Ladder

Louisville PK105 Flipper Kit | Bird Ladder

It’s amazing what you can find when doing a Google search.

Funny Seth…Ive been needing a set of those. Just clicked on the link and bought them. Thanks for doing the ground work for me.