Anyone lowering prices?

Anyone lowering prices to get work during these times? We’ve done just one job this week, while having two former customers say our prices are too high. One of them had us serve them one year ago, and I didn’t change the price. Another guy used us 3 years ago, and since then we’ve adjusted our pricing. I did it for $90, when we were desperate for work and I didn’t care it took 35-40 minutes to travel there. He follows up saying we’re way too expensive and some other company did the job for the price I did it at 3 years ago, plus some extra stuff.

Kinda pissed off right now. Just want to vent.

I’m strictly residential and no, no change in price.


We didn’t lower pricing, per se, but we didn’t do our planned price increase that was scheduled for April 1st.

We’ll try that again in 2021


Ok thanks. I shouldn’t be so pissed off but man it drives me crazy when people try to bring us down. Raised it to $150, which is below our minimum of $200 now. Right now with no traffic it takes 30 minutes. During normal times, it can be 40+ minutes to get to that part of town. Am I wrong to not want to drive that far for $90? I’m willing to be flexible on pricing with those who live in my city, just don’t feel like lowering prices for people who use us once every 3 years.


Depends on how bad you need the work I suppose. Ive lowered prices for many reasons over the years. ( Not permanently )

Sometimes to fill a last minute hole in the schedule or for a good client.

Its a slippery slope.


The thing about this current situation. It will certainly pass… And it will certainly eliminate a lot of your competition. BUT there will be a whole new wave of competitors that come in from the corporate world. that got laid off.

And you know what their gonna do… ( with pricing )


Yes, that I would do. But not for someone who used us once 3 years ago and who lives on the other side of Orlando.

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Will you have the day off instead or?

Trust me I know its a fine line.

Theyre already popping up around here, especially power washing

I would argue that a good client wouldn’t expect a deal. But, I have waived my minimum sometimes for repeat clients when I am in the area and it’s a quick little job. You just can’t do it often, and try not to let it get around. I haven’t lowered my pricing structure yet, but I have thought about it.

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I believe that here is some form of a “collective subconscious” that seems to motivate people as a whole. Some days, everyone I meet or talk to is in a good mood, and other days everyone is a bit sour. Sometimes it coincides with nice weather, but oftentimes it doesn’t.

Some days, all of the cheapskates will call you at once, with no obvious provocation or planning. And then the next day, the best kind of customers will call you. You just gotta hold out for the good days, in my opinion. It’s easy to get discouraged after the 3rd or 4th cheapskate, and start second guessing yourself. But it’s got nothing to do with you. There is something that moves like-minded individuals to call around the same time.


That’s how I feel. Someone else we serviced in 2016 (!) asked about us coming by but we said our prices are higher. Said to let her know. Let’s see :slight_smile:

Meanwhile today’s huge 6500 sq ft home left us a $100 tip. Chase the better customers.


well said Alex

don’t forget, there’s gonna be people workin you on price too in times like this


Thanks for the encouragement fellas. 2016 booked at a $90 increase.

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I’ve been culling the cheap customers over the last 3 years. It is a hard process. But when they call and request discounts because of these current situation. I tell them no. Those that have kept their appointments I have given 10% discounts to when they do not ask for a discount. Over half of them have given tips because they understand this is a luxury service and they are in the luxury category whereas I am not period of losing one cheap and nearly unsatisfiable client or even 3 of those is worth finding the 1 client they respect you and your work at the price you charge.


Definitely not. But at the same time, no one’s calling either. Honestly, a race to the bottom is just a race to go out of business either way, so I’d rather go out with some profit than none. A recession always brings good opportunities but it also brings a lot of good competitors from other industries that we wouldn’t normally see and probably have a lot more business experience than we do. Good thing is they’re here for a while and then get offered their cushy office job with the corner view again. :joy:


April is a little rough going so , for now if I feel it’s going to get me a job I’m doing it.

What’s $30, $40 , $70 ? nothing beats staying home an making nothing.


No price lowering but we’ve been on pause in California for about a month. Meaning doing very minimal residential and a very few amount of normal stores.