Anyone notch the corners of your rubbers?

The title says it all… do you notch?
If not, why not?
I used to use a dog eared channel I cut to 45 degrees aka wagga with a split and pushed forward … but that was a few years ago… but cutting rubbers was a bit of a pain … I might try it again … but I saw a few videos on nothing the corners of the rubbers to cut down on detailing, and to not ride over shallow ledges .
I tried it… it seems to help a bit…. And fast and easy to do.

I was taught to do that with the rubbers back in the mid eighties. Haven’t done it much since. Also they would crimp the corners of the channels.

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I’ll cut the corner of my rubber if I’ve flipped my rubber already and I don’t have another rubber in the van to change out to.

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My question is the opposite, why?
I use liquidators and even from the factory they cut the corners off the rubber. which isn’t necessary.
I have no detailing leaving my rubbers whole.

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I’m talking about the front edge that contacts the glass… a little 1/8” or less notch on the front corners…. So instead of one corner contacting the frame, it’s two little corners contacting the frame … I will say it helps on shallow edges …

Got a pic? First time I’ve heard of this.

A lot of British guys have videos … wagga and the boys … I’ll put up a pick when I’m near a squeegee

I guess you and I are cleaning Really different windows, 90% of the windows I clean the rubber is not hitting a frame it is hitting the rubber gasket, so your mod would be useless.

I find mostly when guys are learning they attempt to take shortcuts by modding gear that most other people make work fine with practice.

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