Anyone own or used a Facelift pole?

Hi. I am planning my purchase of a second wfp. I am trying to be more informed on this purchase than my first.
I have a 45’ Extel pole that i bought because i needed it for a large commercial, but i am finding it not so practical for everyday use.
Anyway, does anyone out there have experience w/ the Facelift carbon poles. The one i am considering is 24’ and is a great price. I have heard that over the last year there was a change in the quality of their manufacturing, but this is an earlier model of the original quality.
Thanks, christopher

Contact Shawn Gavin, Reach Higher Ground (a member here.)

Phone: 303-521-2300

Shawn is actually who i am considering the purchase from. I know he wouldn’t steer me wrong, but i just thought i would seek opinions from others who have used this pole. The price is really great as he no longer carries the pole.
I am planning to go meet him and see and handle the pole. And also to see how it compares to the Gardiner SLX pole that i have read so much about.

I’m sure others will post.

Shawn doesn’t just sell equipment – he uses it extensively prior to carrying it for sale.

Yeah. that is what i thought. And i trust Shawn 100% i am just hoping to hear of experience. I have read so much about the Gardiner SLX, but i can get this pole for less than 1/2.

…and twice the weight :wink: