Anyone print with Gotprint? Get in here!

Hey guys, editing my soon to be first batch of mailers as we speak, but wanted to make sure everyone has had great experiences with gotprint’s printing service. So, speak up!


Just received my flyers and they look good so far! Haven’t got to the bottom of the box yet but will soon!

My first two batches were great, call Chris or Kate as they can usually meet or beat the prices. No quality complaints and I got them back in a week.

I’ve used them for years great quality.

I just purchased postcards through WCR. Guess who’s printing them?

Thanks, Stephanie!

No problems with Got Print

They shorted me 250 flyers on my last delivery and I probably wouldn’t have know if my EDDM order wasn’t right around 2500 and I had to eliminate a route because of it. Other than that, quality has always been very very good and better than other printers who charged more.

I got shorted about 60 postcards, but that won’t keep me from going back. I just got 1000 door hangers that look AWESOME!

Buy gotprint thru WCR = receive WCRA benefits = No brainer.

Everyone wins!!

I’ve always received 200-300 additional pieces on top of what I’ve ordered.

Did yours have Brennon’s return address on them?? Maybe you got everyone else’s missing ones!

This company is good, fast, and cheap

With large print orders its assumed you will get 10% more or less.

I have researched pricing on several different printing companies. In the end I chose W.C.R. Their prices are as competitive as most but more importantly the customer service shines thru and made it an easy choice. I may have been able to save a few bucks by ordering thru a different out fit who offered 25% off but was put off by the sloppy, mediocre, indifferent and at times insipid customer service.

Thanks Steph

Thanks for your confidence in our printing services George!

Never had an issue with them, very quick!

Chris, just wondering why it is assumed you would get less? I’ve never tried the service and will next time I order, just wondering why you would get less then what you ordered.

Have you ever tried to count 20,000 things?

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If WCR is subbing out to Gotprint arnt they charging more to make a profit?

Nope, they match or beat the price

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