Anyone remember this link

Guys, I am just back from a pretty long holiday,

anyway now that i am back and getting down to work as of today i was thinking of updating my company documents (invoices and so forth)

I remember that someone once posted a link to a website in a thread, from what i can remember this website contained loads of different sample documents like waivers to employee contracts and was pretty handy.

I’ve been searching through the forum for ages and i still can’t find the link.

So if anyone remembers the link or who posted I’d appreciate it if ya could remind me…


hope to hear from you soon.

Well the link i was thinking of was a lnk to a website which had like thousands of samples

Ye the downloads section is super but i was thinking of a link that was posted here to a different website

p.s…doesn’t the business download section as above have restricted access(to people who have added a document only)…maybe you should delete that above link

Thanks anyhow mike

I don’t remember it Rob

Was this it? that’s it…

Nice one, how did ya find that, i was searching for hours…

Cheers Karl

I had it in favourites - I have quite a few bits & pieces in there, but there usually dead links by the time I need them! My favourites takes a minute to scroll down & thats in folders.

No problem. It’s not that restricted, you just have to offer up one document. I have.

I still think it’s worth checking out.

likewise I’m always adding links to my favorite folders with the intention of using them…

I come across sites and am like “oh that’s interesting, could be useful” but never get round to opening the fav’s folder again. Ha

Anyway again thanks.

oh and congrats on the WCR 1000 member status…:smiley:

Did you guys ever try Delicious for your bookmarks? Its amazing!

Ye me too i have access also,

ye your prob right, most people do already have access.

i just meant, that there’s no harm in keeping it restricted so as to promote new members joining in adding documents to gain access:):slight_smile:

Some good stuff in there, i use it alot…

Thats looks neat,

i think it’s only for firefox though is it?..i use explorer

It works on any browser theres just a fire fox extension.

cool will give it a try.

here’s to an organized bookmark life from now on…!!

Yeah its great… Its especially awesome if you happen to use more than 1 pc… or if someone else uses your PC and you want to have your own settings.

Its really cool because you can share stuff you bookmark with your friends so they can see what your into and vice versa.