Anyone rocking a pair of fivefingers?

Make a long story short, I’ve always felt that barefoot is the best way to be IF possible. I’m an avid weight lifter and I’ve always done my heavy lifts barefoot. Anyways, I picked up a pair of Vibram fivefingers and they’re amazing. I’ve been wearing them in place of my normal shoes, although I’m not quite sure I should rock them while working quite yet!

So, chime in… anyone else given these a try? Huge benefits from postural, muscle activation, etc.

I’ve thought about them – saw them first a year or so ago at a local hiking-type store.

Yeah I had done the same but opted not to purchase them simply because they were so odd looking ;). But I took the plunge and I wish I hadn’t have waited this long. I suggest giving them a shot.

My brother got a pair and swears by them. I dunno, I’d try a pair, but I enjoy the company of the opposite sex way too much to spring for them lol j/k :slight_smile: