Anyone tried Amazon "sell your service"?

Found this today:


Why? So Bezos can set your terms and grind you down?
Amazon gets 15% of the first $1000…
10% on all reoccurring jobs…

Bad deal bro


Im a big fan of selling my own service. Thanks but no thanks… lol




If I remember correctly, its no longer a thing anyways.

I’ve been tempted but when I get a bunch of work from a gutter request my wife answers to on nextdoor and it costs us $0 to do so and we keep it all, suddenly it doesn’t seem too appealing lol

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Yeah I agree. 15% is pretty steep.

Paying 15% is not a bad deal if Amazon handles the credit card fees. Plus Amazon will put the taxes onto the total cost instead of it being included with the window price. In the end the amount paid out to Amazon could be low or even a wash.

But there is a whole host of other problems you need to consider and deal with when working with Amazon. One of the biggest being they will likely withhold payment if a customer complains.

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15% amazon fee for my current 2.49% credit card fee I don’t understand that math

We signed up just as another way of getting work to come in as a just in case. To me 15% (maybe look at it this way you get 85%) is no biggie. When we have worked for other companies as subs I was getting 60-75% of total. We just add around 15% of what Responsibid shoots out and submit it to Amazon.

It depends on your state taxes. You could have anywhere from 0% to 15%. Most times you include the tax in your total price. But Amazon will add it on top of your total. So if a job is $300 on your own Amazon will charge $330 if 10% tax.

Have you tried utilizing online booking instead?