Anyone tried this for marketing?

I got this idea after reading this thread:

How about you give the Scout troop a ton of flyers or tickets, for a free window cleaning on a residence. They sell raffle tickets for the cleaning. On the flyer you have purchasers of said ticket “like” your Facebook business page in order to follow the troop’s money raised/ tickets sold, countdown to the drawing and maybe make a video of the actual drawing to post on your page. You’d touch a ton of folks that wouldn’t necessarily be reached I think. Bunch of warm fuzzies with the community and much needed money for the scout troop. Who loses in that?

Gotta Google a scout troop nearby.


Not sure what the logistics would be…

But that is thinking out side the box.


Just print up 2500 raffle tickets. You never touch the money they make from sales. They get that. You get with the scoutmaster and draw a winner, make a video… Do the “free” cleaning. Try and hype it up?

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The concept sounds simple, but Im not sure if there are other things that need to be in place, to make every thing legal and legit.

Maybe someone else will chime in that has experience with drawing, raffles, and or dealing with non-profit organizations.

Its an interesting idea though.

it sounds good. be worth telling the scoutmaster hes in for a decent backhander if he sees it thru. you know itll need his determination otherwise the results could be minimal

decent backhander


100 bucks should focus his attention. if he takes the bait he could be of real value long term


You bribe folks, I guess that’s OK if that’s how you handle your business. I can’t and won’t play ball like that. If helping the scouts raise money for trips, tents etc isn’t enough in trade for publicity, then that’s fine. l can’t believe @wcs liked that comment.

@Trenchfeet I liked the post because…

@jonnyald keeps it real, he doesn’t bs around… he tells it the way things are… Jonny is bad*** in my book!

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i hope you follow it thru-because i believe its a great and unusual idea .post your updates about you n the troop too as itll be intresting to read

be determined that youre goin to see it happen .sure theres pitfalls to it but rise to the challenge and hopefully you wont need to pay any backhanders to grease the wheels of your plan

i feel that if you can get that whole scout troop rooting for you your biz will jump ahead by a really big margin.