Anyone try 3M glass cleaner & protector with Scotchgard?

I contacted a 3M rep and asked her to send me a sample scrub pad. She sent me a spray bottle of their glass cleaner as well. On the bottle it says it is designed for the inside of windows. I was thinking of using it on the inside of french doors.
Should I be concerned that it has Scotchgard in it? I was just going to spray it on and squeegee off.
I wasn’t sure if the next cleaning would be a nightmare with Scotchgard on the glass

Thanks for the advice!

Great question.

There is a thread thats going on right now about the 3m glass cleaner.

Thanks Steve! I will check out the thread

No problem Chad!

Why can’t i access this above thread?

The thread must have been redirected. It’s no longer available.

I use it all the time, but it would be too expensive to use as a primary soap. I use it with the Unger indoor cleaning pads. We also use it on areas where there are lots of fingerprints or dog nose prints and it does seem to keep those areas cleaner. The Scotchguard doesn’t seem to have any effect of future cleanings as I don’t think it stays on the glass that long.

Yeah, I priced that stuff on my own, just curious. Yikes!..about 12 bucks a quart to my door…Pass.

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