Anyone used this? Rota qleen

I saw this and am amazed because the worst thing about wfp is scrubbing

This is sooooo coool

If anyone has i wanted to know how good it is at getting rid of stuborn dirt

Does it rinse properly or doese it splatter dirt everywhere
I know u can atach it to an unger nlight but what about gardiner slx

Weird, it’s like a rehash of that one pole about 7 years ago, I think tucker made it where you carried a bunch of sections around with you and attached them together. Had a real nice carrying case but was a pita to use.

The spinning brush would be cool for walls, but windows…? I can’t imagine that it would do good. Splatter is not your friend.

Mabee u can scrub then turn it off and then rinse

i am not buying anymore brushes for my “i shoulda known bucket” but this does look cool.



Now that made laugh!

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