Anyone using a Ford Escape?

I’ve been thinking about getting a Ford Escape here lately. Does anyone else have experience with them? I would mostly be using it for bids, my storefronts, and small residential work. I would put a rack on the top for a 24’ extension and bigger step ladders. Then throw everything else inside. I was thinking I could even put on of those trailer hitch cargo carriers on for my pressure washer if I had to. Plus, they can be had for cheap if you don’t mind a few miles. Am I crazy or what?

Forgot to mention I usually work by myself.

Howdy Mr. walters Dangerous here, but you can call me Dange if you like…What exactly are you refering to a Ford Escapade ? If not what’s a Ford escape ? I use a Ford 150 econline long box.
They work great plus plenty of room for signage, and plenty of rooms for ladders on a rack !



John Riley (Canuck) uses an Escape, including pulling a small trailer with pure water system and PW.

my vote goes to the ford transit connect!

I have an 2002 XLS, personal use and to get me to my jobs that I have. The standard rack that they come with has about a 100 lb max limit. I do not know what an after market rack max limit would be? The factory rack holds either my 16’ or 20’ ext. ladders (I do not have a 24’ to compare it to) , 3- 6’ sectional ladders fit inside and rests on the front seat (could hold up to 4 pieces I think). With the rear seats folded down there is some room in the back, I have a few rubbermaid bins, tool boxes, poles, buckets and tools that fit pretty well. The factory racks sit very narrow on the Escapes even when fully extended in the tracks from front to back, with the 20’ ladder there is a lot of overhang in the front, overhanging to the windshield. Mine gets 20-24 miles to the gallon depending on if I am using the AC or not.

the 2010 hybrid escape is a nice whip to push as a window cleaner