Anyone want to meet at Accelr8 Training in Houston or LA?

I am really looking forward to the training @ReachIt and Matt Adwell are putting on?

I really want to go to Houston just so I can get trained up on the business side of things too from @Mike_Goeller (I think that’s the dude doing the biz training. Have yet to meet, so I am not sure.


I am torn between LA (which is closer) and Houston… Where they are adding value with business development training.

What would you do?

I am thinking Houston… But I like LA… Love LA for that matter.

Who is going and where? Want to meet in person? I love meeting guys from the forum where ever I am.

Heck… I was going to jump on a plane to go buy a used WFP in Florida from a guy on this forum. I love this community. I really do.

If more of you are going to LA. I would totally go to LA. Just saying…

Are you planning to Accelr8?

I am. Want to meet up? Where are you going to be? LA?, Houston? , Florida?, Seattle?

Seattle actually sounds like a good time but I have fam there. So whatever.

Where you going?

Need to learn more about Accelr8 Training? Go Here → Window Cleaners Training

Where can I find more info on the Houston training? I live in Houston and would be interested in going. Thanks in advance!


I love Houston driving. If you can drive there. You can drive anywhere. Just saying…

90 mph and bumper to bumper.

Not for the weak at heart.

Here is the link I found on FB somewhere.

Totally love this website. Great design btw. There is a lot of potential to reach beyond greatness in Accelr8 Training

I can see that for sure. I don’t care if the @ReachIt looks like a sexy bondage toy. It’s the best piece of equipment I could have purchased for my goals. Plus I am the Sexiest Window Cleaner in my area. So it kind of helps my brand. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :point_right: :ok_hand: :+1:

Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

I will be in Houston and would love to have a meal together and chitchat

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Did @Alex tell you my Houston history?

I got you brother. Good times to be had by all…

Lets go.

Houston it is then…

Holy expensive!

Really depends on how you look at the cost versus the value.

I take no precedent in spending $2,000 to make $10,000 in additional revenue year after year because I am more knowledgeable than before. I have new take away’s that will pay dividends for the long haul because I am super excited. I have a rejuvinated spirit

Looking back… I really appreciate all those $2,000 training sessions I have been part of in my other industries.

In retrospect man… Those types of training sessions are one of the reasons I am where I am. Which isn’t anywhere special. But I know I am stable.

I am not stable enough financially to take off and hike the Camino De Santiago if I wanted too. When this happens because it is. When I get back from said 2-4 month hike from the base of the French Pyrenees Mountains through northern Spain and across to the Baltic Sea on a spiritual journey. I will have a home and a happy family.

Why? Because I was willing to do what no one else was.

Invest in my future.

Shonuf. Shit works, just saying.