Anyone Want to Swap or Share Flyer/Doorhanger designs?

I’m so sick and tired of creating marketing pieces…it’s driving me insane. Between like 10 websites I’m building, new biz cards, flyers, doorhangers, yard signs, it’s all become a bit overwhelming. I’d be happy to swap flyer designs/ideas with you. I picked up a deal on colored paper, and I have a print guy that does black text flyers for diiiirt cheap. So I want to put these to good use. PM me if you prefer.

We have been real busy up until now, so I am starting up a whole other round of marketing. I can’t wait until next year when I can hire someone else to do this crap, but for now…gotta get r done.

Are you on windowcleaningbusinesscoach?

I just joined myself, and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for

I read your post and all I heard was a cash register opening. LOL
Is that Kevin’s site?

Actually lol’d at that…

Yes it’s his site, and eventually you do pay…but if you check it out, you’ll probably find you won’t mind doing so.

I did check it out, and registered…now if Kevin wo9uld only approve me…