Anything but windows

We do window cleaning and pressure washing, next year I’m looking to start a second company, I’m looking for something that funnels the money, any thoughts, ideas

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For years I’ve been looking into opening up a restaurant / bar.

I think about a year from now I’ll be making moves to do just that.

That would be cool, bit allot of work mainly all the gov regulations

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SO much overhead in a bar…

Scarrrr-y stuff!

Give me a shout when your going to open and I will come and clean your windows. You need a Pro to do that, you know that right?

I’ve cleaned too many restaurants to want and open one. For everyone that makes it past a year there are 10 that don’t.

Something that funnels money…humm. Colorado legalized pot. Open a cookie shop that delivers.

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Brownies, dude! Brownies.

[I]“Big Brownies Baked with the Best Bud for the Best Buzz…er… Medicine!”[/I]

why does everyone forget WA ST legalized it first?

I’ll run through Bucketeers like crazy, I’m gonna want them done twice a day for like $3

Because Colorado is more awesome.

“And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.
The shadows from the starlight are softer than a lullaby.
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high.”

NY legalized it for medical. Great add on. Brownies that is.


What’ve you got for capital? How quickly are you looking to break even? There are few business opportunities that allow a faster ROI than cleaning related industries. Personally I see any service related business as being limited. There are certain niche services, like retractable screen door installation, HVAC, and so on, that allow a much higher hourly. But these are still finite in regard to being connected to the time required to render the services.

There are certainly opportunities that provide a much larger potential ROI in the long run, that aren’t strictly limited by time:

-Investment real estate (especially vacation rentals)
-Day trading/ Forex trading
-Buy a football team
-Start an MLM business (pyramid scheme)
-Start any type of subscription based service

Most all of the above allow for substantial (nearly limitless) increase in the volume of transactions, without a substantial increase in the demand of time. Of course, I’m not endorsing any of the above ideas. They just came to mind.

The biggest weakness of a service business is how much more difficult they can be to sell for big money.

Many businesses have a dividend and a capital growth …

For example, if you could sell your business after 10 years for 1 million dollars, you have netted $100,000 per year.

This is why it is important to charge properly - when there is no exit payment likely, you want to pick up that extra $100,000 on the way through …

Of course, I have used big numbers - you can divide and multiply as you will, according to your aspirations and ability.

But the principle is sound - there are 2 people you have to pay in a service business - ‘you now’ and ‘you later’ !

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Oh I’m not gonna sell it, I’m gonna run 2

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