Appropriate Work shoes or boots

Greetings, fellow winder cleaners

I work for the largest window cleaning company on the east coast I have cleaned windows off and on for 9 years I am now a shop guy and picked up management. Does anyone have any advice on what kind of boots or shoes would be best? I don’t like Merrell because they don’t hold up. I do use steel toe for carrying 30, 40, 50 foot ladders and such.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank yiu.

I had a pair of red wings that lasted years in and out of the office and field. They were comfortable too. Bit expensive but they last about 3 years of daily use.

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Totally off topic BUT ( Sorta )

Check this out - Shoes/ Final Tech and Prototyping, organized by Highrise Rangers

This guys trying to make high-rise shoes… kind of cool.

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keen’s are my favorite . I just caught them on sale bought 3 pairs. I have s pair of Redwings also good shoe , but like Chris says expensive . I paid 2x as much for the Redwings.
All hikers that is all I wear

Had a totally different experience with red wings. I heard they had changed up the soles years back. The soles wore out in less than 3 MONTHS! I had to have them resoled, and I quickly bought another pair (different brand of course) for work and kept the red wings for just regular use.

Aside from that, the uppers are awesome but a total disappointment for the price paid.

Diehards are uncomfortable.

Wolverines are pretty awesome, I’ve rocked these twice now and seem to hold up well for the price. Super comfortable out of the box.

My most recent pair are thoroughgoods and I couldn’t be happier. American made, comparable to red wings but at a lower price point. Soles are lasting a hell of a lot better, and comfortable straight out of the box. These are now my go to’s.

If I have to worry about babying my boots, they’re no good.

Hope this helps

Obo makes a great shoe as well.

I have been using various North Face waterproof shoes for about 5 years now and I am always happy with them.

Rocky ironclads hold up well, especially if your customers job sites require steel toe, etc

My favorite boots ever were Carolina Lightening. They were water proof and had carbon toes and carbon shank. I know that they are made to reduce the risk of electricution but I found that in the winter, carbon doesnt retain the cold like steel does. My toes go numb quickly with steel toed shoes but carbon didnt seem to have that effect on me.

Just curious, where are you from and who is the largest window cleaner on the east coast?

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Our shoes get absolutely destroyed while doing high rise work. With lots of toe hooking the toe box is usually first to go. However a high-rise specific shoe sounds a bit silly when there are plenty of high quality shoe manufacturers making climbing and approach specific shoes that solve the problem. There is no perfect shoe but we’ve found that approach shoes work pretty darn good. As far as everyday ground level work shoes go, I love Red Wings!

The type of shoe will differ depending on what work you are doing, for high rise work your feet are soaked all day, so the best shoe for high rise is a shoe that keeps out the water and lasts a while. I used Mack boots for high rise work as they are water proof and insulated, they used to last me 12 months at least.
However for residential window cleaning work I like to use the lace less running shoes that slip on and off as I generally do internals in my socks.
However for working of roofs I will only wear volleys as they are super grippy even on wet slimy roofs.
Then for when doing pressure cleaning then its gum boots.

I just bought a pair of Blundstones this year, and I love them so much I bought a pair for two of my top cleaners too. They’re $200. I bought the waterproof version. I like that they’re slip-on, so it’s easy to take them on and off when you’re in a customer’s house. The sole has enough grip for roof walking.

I’d read several reviews of these boots over the years, and I’m glad I finally pulled the trigger.

I agree. I bought a pair of Adidas Terrex Solo Stealth approach shoes. They lasted me all season as opposed to past seasons when I would need 2-3 pairs.

I wear the same with continental rubber. Stealth is great for steeper roofs. Mine are black and get really hot in the summer, but I deal; I get Adidas stuff for free, so it’s a no brainer.

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You’re right, I have forgotten how hot they got in the while standing out in the sun. Especially, while on roofs.

Right now I am using reebok crossfit shoes I don’t think they are going to last long but the have fantastic grip on roofs